A PR Rant Is a PR Rant: Tim Cascio of GS Marketing Group

Rant Public Relations

This could be a great candidate for an Everything PR Goofy Award, but we already gave one of those today. OKAY, I give: the “news” has at least a better text than today’s Goofy Award winner.

PRWeb is a “press release newswire.” For Tim Cascio the concept is difficult to grasp. I’ll help: a “newswire” is a service used for the transmission of breaking news to the media or to the public. A “press release” is information directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value.

A press release is written in order to highlight an important event, program, or piece of information by an organization that succinctly describes the who, what, where, when, why and how of the story.

GS Marketing GroupThe information published and distributed via PRWeb by Mr. Cascio is obviously not a press release. We could define it as “commentary” but I am afraid that the term doesn’t really match the half-breed commentary-press release inborn we find here.

Tim Cascio, co-owner of GS Marketing Group, comments on why internet marketing strategies must include public relations

The article is nothing but a rant. An educated rant, but a rant and (as any rant would) this raises questions about the motives behind the “release.”

  • Was it to get some back links from sites that would publish the content of the “press release” without actually proofing the content?
  • Was it to promote the Cascio brand?

Who cares that Mr. Cascio comments on “why internet marketing strategies must include public relations”? Get a blog, Mr. Cascio and publish your commentary there if you have to. If valuable, we will find it, and link to it. But publishing a press release to spread common sense ideas? Please!

Since Mr. Cascio does receive “news coverage” as a result of his recent “press release” the purpose of using PRWeb as a distribution channel was served. The SEO advantage he was hoping to get is however not supported by this article: there will be no links to GS Marketing Group, Inc. in this post, not even “nofollow.”

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