Gurbaksh Singh Chahal: More than a Great Marketer

Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh Chahal Has Track Record of Success

Gurbaksh Chahal has built a level of success almost impossible to imagine, let alone achieve. Just after turning 18, he sold his first company for $30 million and just eight years later he sold the second one for $300 million. That’s an amazing track record.

At 35, Chahal who was born in the Punjab state of India and moved to San Jose, California with his family as a child offers a story fit with the best of the American Dream. He dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to start that first company riding the wave of the first swell. The advertising network company, ClickAgents was sold to ValueClick which became part of Alliance Data later. His first success was impressive, but so much more so considering he was living with his family in the projects when it all started.

BlueLithium was his next company which he co-founded in 2004 at the age of 22 and at the beginning of the second wave of thriving internet businesses. BlueLithium was built on behavioral targeting using banner advertising. Three years later, Yahoo! bought the company for cash … $300 million worth of it, his portion $100 million.

2008 was a banner year; he appeared on Oprah, signed a book deal about his climb to entrepreneurial success, and the opportunity to participate on reality television with “Secret Millionaire.” During his episode, he lived rough in a hotel in a bad neighborhood and spent the week volunteering his time and efforts with local charities. At the end of the episode, he gave $100K to charity.

After a few years, in 2009, RadiumOne became his next project and still in the advertising sector, this one was about real-time ads and in 2012 was valued at $500 million. And in 2014, he moved to another tech online advertising company, Gravity4.


Late in 2008, his book, The Dream: How I Learned the Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship and Made Millions, was released. In it, he tells his story and inspires with his view that good business timing is important, building solid business relationships, but of the greatest importance … teaching yourself that failure is not an option.

Charitable Efforts

He started the Be Proud Foundation, later renamed as the Chahal Foundation after the 2012 shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin where six were killed and four injured. The foundation brings awareness about hate crimes and focuses on stopping them. It provides scholarships, improves third-world country schools, and helps with disaster relief work. He was also featured on “Extra” and listed as one of the Men’s Health’s top seven most fit and rich men.

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