Guyana Tourism Authority Seeks Digital Marketing Agency


The Guyana Tourism Authority is seeking proposals from experienced agencies for the planning and execution of its multi-faceted Digital Marketing Strategy. The strategy is designed to effectively promote Guyana’s tourism experiences and products to our target consumers, while adapting to current marketing trends. The goals of this proposal are therefore:

  • Continue to grow our exposure and tourism revenue through an integrated marketing campaign, branded experiences targeted campaigns and social media approach.
  • Develop a strategy for media placement in partnership with the Marketing Team that targets our identified target markets through efficient and cost effective marketing tactics and tools.
  • Create advertising that is compelling and appealing to our potential visitors.
  • Support collaboration and information sharing between stakeholders.
  • Provide detailed analytical reports for both web and social.

Scope of Work:

  • The agency will be responsible for handling, managing & maintenance of all official social media handles of the Guyana Tourism Authority. If required initiation and creation of new social media handles is to be taken up, that also includes existing web online communities pertaining to tourism sector. (Existing Social Media handles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. The social media management will consist of post creation, posting & driving of innovative campaigns for respected target markets and market segments. The agency needs to provide a detailed plan of campaign ideas and timing.
  • Online Reputation Management and Social Listening – Online Reputation Management of Guyana Tourism Authority Brand in Digital and Social Space.
  • Website maintenance, that includes Search Engine Optimisation/ Addition /Editing /Updating of content (text, images) and if required design template creation/ changing of templates, etc
  • The agency shall be responsible for carrying out innovative programme/ campaigns with bloggers/ industry partners who are having strong digital presence, to support and sustain digital brand image of the Guyana Tourism Authority with top media houses throughout the tenure as and when required.
  • Content Creation – The agency shall responsible for creating content as per deliverables. It is expected out of agency to develop content with impeccable spelling and grammar, with clear understanding of tourism consumer through thorough research. The team should have familiarity with keyword placement and other search engine Optimization best practices; deep knowledge of Microsoft word and Google Docs.


  • Increase in traffic to the Guyana Tourism Authority website and social media pages.
  • Consumer engagement with the Guyana Tourism Authority owned and user generated content.
  • Improved seasonality patterns.
  • Improved geographic spread.


  • Social Media Management

The agency manpower will be responsible for posting, filtering of user comments, giving responses to all official social media handles and profiles. All posts, tweets on all social media handles of the Guyana Tourism Authority should be in accordance with the activities going on at the time. Repackaging of the content (videos and photographs) into suitable formats (video packages and others)

  • Innovative Social Media Campaign

The agency shall be responsible for designing, managing and evaluating innovative digital media campaigns to support digital media presence of Guyana’s tourism. The agency shall also be responsible for creating banners for all campaigns organized during the tenure.

  • Online Reputation Management

Proper response posting on queries. (as per pre-defined text response or escalation levels) Removal of non-relevant posts/information/offensive from all social media handles.

  • Website Development

Content addition and updating will be the part of website maintenance of templates for and

  • Content Creation

Creation of Core Website Copy , Creation of Blogs / News articles/ Articles , Creation of Social media posts/ Content for banners/ Landing pages content , Creation of Product descriptions/ Case studies, whitepapers/ Company bios and eBooks/Email campaigns and market segments

  • Analytics

Collect, Monitor and leverage web analytics and social media analytics to improvise web and social media presence and optimize effectiveness of campaigns etc. Additionally provide analytics and their interpretation to the Guyana Tourism Authority as and when required. Web analytics of advertisement campaign should include Demographics (country and/ or area of origin, Language, sex, age group), interest, browser, device used (mobile, tablet, pc), duration of visit, conversion ratio (total visitors, unique visitors etc.) and time spent on landing page.

Due Date:

August 16, 2017


Strong tourism PR firms include Coyne PR and 5WPR.

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