Hanna Lee Communications Chosen as PR Firm for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Hanna Lee PR NY

Hanna Lee Communications, Inc. has been selected as the agency of record for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. The PR firm will be publicizing the two day event in Manhattan.

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic is the first multi-day event in New York which will focus exclusively on the cocktail. The event will cover everything from the history and art of creating the perfect cocktail to the cultural importance of the drink. Of course, there will be actual cocktails, prepared by some of the finest bartenders from the best clubs and restaurants in the city. The event is expected to draw large numbers of attendees who will take part in the conference/party.

“Cocktails have long enriched New York City’s history and we are among a handful of cities giving birth to the cocktail renaissance,” said Hanna Lee, President and Founder of Hanna Lee Communications, Inc. “We are honored to represent this special organization that salutes the cocktail tradition, as well as its distinguished advisory board members who are leading the industry to new heights of authenticity, integrity and achievement. This will be a celebration like no other and one that will no doubt become a fixture of our great city.”

Hanna Lee Communications is a public relations firm that specializes in promoting food and drink events, as well as businesses in the industry. They are looking forward to promoting the Manhattan Cocktail Classic and will be using a number of social media tactics, as well as more traditional PR strategies to ensure as many people as possible will hear about the event.

“It was critical to find the right fit in a PR agency for this event – and it was immediately apparent to me that Hanna Lee and her team not only understood what we’re trying to do here but furthermore shared our passion and enthusiasm for the project,” said Lesley Townsend, Founder and Director of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. “Armed with the strategy, expertise, and experience of a company like Hanna Lee Communications, I think we’ll really be able to push this project to a whole new level.”

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