Hart-Boillot Adds Two New PR Clients

Hart-Boillot Public Relations

Hart-Boillot Public Relations has been selected by not one, but two companies to serve as their public relations agency. These two additions to the PR firm´s client roster will help the firm stay busy in coming months.

Venyu everything-pr

The first company to hire Hart-Boillot is Venyu, a data protection service based out of Baton Rouge. Venyu was formed by the strategic merging of AmeriVault and Network Technology Group, Inc. The company aids businesses by providing off-site backups without the need for a courier. The firm is quite pleased with their new PR firm.

“When selecting a public relations firm to help launch the Venyu brand, we looked for a team with deep PR and business knowledge that could serve as a seamless extension of our marketing team and get us off the ground running,” said Scott Thompson, CEO, Venyu. “Within a matter of weeks, Hart-Boillot arranged for us to meet with some of the top media and analysts covering our industry to unveil our new brand and solidify our position as a leading provider of data protection and recovery solutions.”

The second company that Hart-Boillot will be working with is PRQA, a global company with headquarters in both Boston and the UK. The company provides software inspections and automated source code analysis among other services related to ensuring that software is ready to use.

“In a technology sector crowded with new companies trying to differentiate themselves with style and no substance, it is imperative that our Public Relations and Marketing efforts demonstrate strategic thinking and successful campaign implementation at every turn,” said Paul Blundell, CEO, PRQA. “Hart-Boillot’s team of experts delivers reliable, proven services that enable us to focus on our core business.”

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