HCK2 Partners Firm Hired for Public Relations Work

HCK2 Partners PR FIRM

HCK2 Partners recently announced their latest client, SaveOnEnergy.com. The PR firm has added the site to their client roster and will be working to promote the site through education of the public.

SaveOnEnergy.com is a site that helps consumers compare natural gas and electric rates across the nation. By aiding people in comparison shopping to find the best deal, they are providing a valuable service, particularly in this economy where everyone is struggling to save every cent possible. Saving on energy costs starts with the company selected and SaveOnEnergy.com is working to help consumers with this.

“We are thrilled to partner with SaveOnEnergy.com,” said HCK2 CEO and Creative Director Heather Capps. “In a time where energy costs are always top-of-mind, our work will do more than benefit its clients, but corporations and consumers, as a whole.”

HCK2 Partners is a public relations firm with experience in growth industries. These include energy, of course, as well as finance, construction, technology, healthcare, retail and telecommunications. They are based out of Dallas and have been ranked in the top five public relations agencies in Texas, by the Dallas Business Journal.

“Every marketplace needs an organization to steer the conversation in its industry. This is our goal with SaveOnEnergy.com,” said Brent Moore, chief executive officer of SaveOnEnergy.com. “With the proven help of HCK2, we will direct consumers and business owners to take advantage of electricity competition and energy shopping with all rewards going back to the customer.”

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