Someone Cares About Heidi Montag Playboy Pics

Heidi Montag

A short news bit from Hollywood, “The Hills” star Heidi Montag is in the news again today for her upcoming spread in September’s issue of Playboy. A hot trend on Google, Montag has essentially become the girl no one wants next door, but every 20 something male wants to look at. We found perhaps the only real photo “evidence” that the much over publicized blonde had done the shoot on none other than Perez Hilton’s site. Talk about mediocrity feeding mediocrity!

For this writer, it comes as no surprise that the woman would talk about her wedding one moment, and pose for anything that will get attention or dough on the other. Fake seems to sell these days about as well as “reality”, so for those who are interested, here’s a short post on people willing to do anything to be famous.

The Mexican wedding facade, the Maxim shoot, the PR bull about Heidi and Spencer appearances on talk shows, the interviews, and for this writer the acceptance of the public of this “okay” looking woman as a sex symbol add up to just cheesy PR. The kind of publicity we all deplore, but which seems to be surfacing more and more. I am not sure if this trend is more indicative of a celebrity industry on the rocks, or a viewing audience sinking into boredom and despair?

Heidi Montag

Montag does a shoot and video for Maxim, where she may as well have taken her clothes off considering she poses like a porn star about ready for the next scene. If groping every inch of a woman’s body in slow motion (and I must say, for Hollywood, a rather barren physique at that) is not suggestive of trailer trash professionalism, I don’t know what is.

In this interview, by a batch of Hollywood has beens, Heidi and her “sorta kinda” husband Spencer Pratt, reveal a little more about the couple if you look closely. Our body language expert analyzed these scenes, and she confirmed that given their posture towards one another, and their subtle cues during the interview, that this is obviously not a couple in love. Look at the distance between the two in particular, and the lack of any touching. Also, note that Montage is aiming every bit of her attention at the host and other celebrity, rather than the supposed love of her life. Opps, no one trained the would be stars in body language?

Any way, anyone who want to look at Hilton’s “exclusive” of Montag holding the upcoming Playboy issue can just visit there typing the url, as for more news about this Hollywood “hottie”, this writer is out – I am off to Bollywood for some fresh ideas in celebrity. I wonder what it is like to go through live in a pose? The image below looks candid doesn’t it?

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