Munroe Dairy’s Happy Cow Campaign

Munroe Dairy's Happy Cow

Have you ever considered the possibility that a happy cow, that sleeps on luxurious water mattresses, can give more milk than the average bovine? Well, Brooklyn’s Munroe Dairy did, and their business is featured on America’s Newsroom. A great idea and a great PR example for any diary business.

On August 6th, America’s Newsroom announced the beginning of the “Cow Week” – an attempt to get more milk from cows that sleep on “waterbeds.” According to experts these waterbeds reduce stress and increase milk production. Under the slogan “happy cows equal productive cows” the cow breeders at Munroe Dairy try to convince the audience that waterbeds are necessary to get more milk from the bovines. Thus the Connecticut cows that supply 11,000 customers in Rhode Island now sleep on waterbeds.

The beds are made of thick rubber bladders filled with water and covered with hay. By laying on these luxurious pillows of water, cows have less strain on their joints and hips, and also less chances of getting arthritis, according to Lindsay Armstrong of the Munroe Dairy sales department.

You gotta love their PR campaign and especially the “Hello Cow” song that made it so popular after the America’s Newsroom broadcast on Thursday. A happy little song wrote by Joel, Alex and Jacqui Veitch for Jim Jam and Sunny was the perfect fit to introduce the revolutionary idea that makes Connecticut’s cows happier and more productive.

And just for your information, apparently the idea does help: the happy cows can produce 40 to 80 quarts a day each. Munroe Dairy has been in business for over 128 years, and despite the nation’s financial woes the company is doing well. I guess the secret to prosperity is to breed happy cows…

And for those who want to know, the company is has brilliant ideas all the time, proof their Munroe Dairy Band and their joy of living!

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