Hewes Communications for Gaining Visibility

Founded in 1992, Hewes Communications is headquartered in New York and has over 20 years of experience in helping asset management firms increase their visibility and build their reputations over the long term.

The business provides media relations services as well as communications consulting to its clients and assists them in establishing a presence in the investment media. It also allows clients to build their own reputation long term and reach even more financial advisors, institutional investors, as well as the broad investing public.

Hewes Communications believes that using communication to help educate the target audience is as important as generating industry visibility for a business, along with the products or the spokespeople at that business. This is a business that has worked with advisors, retail investors, institutional investors, as well as industry groups.

Additionally, the team on-board Hewes Communications is highly knowledgeable about all the aspects of the asset management industry and also has plenty of contacts within the financial media outlets. This way, the business works in helping its clients both establish and maintain their leadership position within their fields. This is done by building visibility for the client, demonstrating the client’s intellectual capital along with strengthening the client’s reputation.

With Hewes Communications’ public relations services, clients can get help in growing and maintaining their assets, educating other investors about the client’s approach, and improving their communication. The business does this by showcasing the client’s unique investing insights, brand, and spokespeople to the press, to influencers, advisors, and investors.

Hewes Communications provides traditional public relations services, where it uses spokespeople to build media relationships for the clients. This way, the client’s business will raise brand awareness as well as get coverage, both in traditional media outlets and online. Additionally, with the content public relations service, the client can consistently distribute ideas that are going to drive website traffic and reach audiences along with media through various channels.

Tucker Hewes, the founder of Hewes Communications, founded the firm as a way to provide his own expertise in the investment management industry. He has 27 years of experience working in financial public relations and business. He has also represented many mutual fund firms, institutional asset management firms, financial exchanges, brokerage houses, law firms, and public companies.

In the world we’re living, businesses are driven by ideas and are maintained by trust. The best way to create ideas and trust between a business and its consumers is by having a good and stable reputation. This is also an essential element when it comes to having a long-term competitive advantage in any given industry.

Hewes Communications helps its clients grow and thrive within their industries, by developing specifically tailored strategic media campaigns, developing new opportunities, reaching new investors, advisors, and audiences, and more, through content creation, media training, and overall excellent financial communications. The firm has worked with Research Affiliates, William Blair, ProShares, Davis Funds, GMO, Gerstein Fisher, Osterweis, Tocqueville, Driehaus Capital Management, Harding Loevner, and many others.

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