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This year the Easter Bunny may have his work cut out for him. News from the UK shows just how far, and just how creative some companies can be in creating even Easter Eggs. Music and technology retailer HMV has decided to fill Peter Cotton Tail basket this year with Lady Gaga 3D eggs. You read that right, not only has the company fashioned “Eggs Gaga”, but Sonic the Hedgehog, and even Spock models.

Easter is a big deal for retailers obviously,  but creativity sometimes gets lost in the shuffle just to churn out all the traditional stuff people love during the season. HMV’s campaign it to superimpose celebrity from many genres onto “The Bunny Rabbit’s” old fashioned advertising model the egg. The company’s market being in pretty much all things musical and/or digital may just make this the perfect marriage of disruptive innovation on top of a great distribution channel – the web.

Without getting too far into cutting edge marketing or world changing advertisement, it is safe to say the company may have struck a nerve with this latest campaign. HMV operated nearly 400 stores worldwide, as well as their online portal. The concept for the eggs was originally developed by HMV’s brand agency venturethree in conjunction with model maker and designer Duncan Mude.

HMV, according to the reports, is intent on expanding their digital presence, as well as potentially revitalizing the old Waterstones bookstore brand. This online store is a fairly complete Amazon competitor, which makes these moves by HMV seem all the more logical for grabbing a piece of that holiday retail pie.

Mark Roberson, head of HMV’s design and display, had this to say about this most recent HMV move:

“Naturally they’ll be on the look out for great value deals but I think they also want to be engaged by retailers, so we’ve purposefully set out to make our Easter campaign as playful and as family-focused as we can.”

While HMV’s “Gaga Eggs” will more than likely boost their HMV Group PLC shares significantly once the “bunny rabbit” gets done delivering this season, the revitalization of Waterstones will require some logo and website redesign in our professional view (we recommend David Airey for the former). To become the UK’s new Amazon, HMV has a good start in some aspects too, but “going digital” requires special talents. Aside all this digital marketing mojo, we have to love the simplicity and innovation the company shows.

Whether 50 million people need Lady Gaga Easter eggs or not? Well, she is as colorful as a painted egg.  Then there are the others in the egg basket at HMV, Sonic, Spock, Jedward, Stewie Griffin (we need this one), and Ice Age’s Scrat. I am surprised they have not made a Madonna companion egg to go along with Lady Gaga, but maybe HMV has already laid enough.

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