hoopcliq.com, New Networking Website Dedicated to Basketball Players

An interesting niche networking website dedicated to middle and high school basketball players only was launched today by http://www.hoopcliq.com and it aims to bring together and to encourage interaction between different groups of basketball players worldwide.

The website is dedicated to boys and girls, 12-18 years old, and its goal is to connect worldwide basketball players, helping them to develop their skills, to grow self esteem and confidence. hoopcliq.com plans to offer Mental Training and Scouting Services and will also feature interviews with famous basketball coaches.

“It has been my lifelong dream to have a one-stop shop for basketball players to get everything they need to be a success on and off the court,” said Garrett B. Richardson, CLC, owner of hoopcliq.com, while Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Nolan Richardson, declared that, “serious basketball players, eat, breath and sleep basketball. Most everything they do, has to do with basketball. I call this the “If is to be, it’s up to me” attitude! It’s great that there’s finally a basketball community just for basketball players!” “hoopcliq.com is a perfect place to get started!”

It is an interesting niche networking site that will most surely be successful as basketball is a game played and loved anywhere across the globe. Young people love to chat, and having a place that empowers them to share experiences and interact with other serious basketball players of the same age is a good opportunity.

Teenagers and young people between 12 to 18 years also have enough time to spend online. We could say that this new networking site is in fact the future for the old forums, a more interactive one. Maybe, in the future, as these kids will grow and become basketball players, a new website will be launched – like an alumni idea for the seniors ;).

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