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I spend a good deal of time scanning the Web for PR goofs so that we might illustrate and inform about how NOT to approach things.

Today I really wanted to applaud Horn Group Digital Communications, in particular for the way in which they have seamlessly represented themselves both visually and contextually. From their landing page, to their insightful blog “Brass Tacks”, the firm has communicated themselves symbolically and literally as a tailored, refined and congruent business. This is conveyed in everything on their site.

Horn Group Public Relations

In the digital world, it is ever more crucial to demonstrate effectively who we are. A first meeting or glance at anyone in the digital realm has to convey so much more than in the physical realm. A site visitor or potential client is at the mercy of what is revealed. Sometimes, a few seconds and one wrong conveyance can mean misunderstanding and a lost potentiality. The Horn Group has to have understood this principle long before they created their razor sharp website. I do not often praise corporate sites so highly. The Horn Group considered their business enough to build it right, from the UI down to the suits the officers wear in their photos.

Horn Group Public Relations 2

Sabrina Horn founded this company in 1991, apparently with one thought in mind, creating a one of a kind brand with passion and drive. These principles are written all over their site. Crimson background and black and white imagery, it conveys a special kind of exuberance and flare. Interestingly, the aesthetics of the site are matched perfectly to the expressed mission, the language of know-how, organization and credibility – ultimately compelling and convincing. An engaging but not sticky sweet image portrayal, this is the way to weave an image. I guess you can tell I like the site.

Horn Group Public Relations 3

I could go on and on about how the words and technology are interlaced to make this a great site. However, the images alone do a better job than I ever could, save in one aspect, conveying my ideal for corporate image. “If a company does not think enough of themselves or their potential clients to make the best site (or store front) possible, then how can they be expected to convey their client’s ideals?” You want and image? The message is clear from Horn Group; “We did it for us, we can do it for you!” Great job guys, and congratulations on being in today’s PR Notable Spotlight.

Horn Group Public Relations 4


  1. says

    Phil. Wow, thank you for the Notable Spotlight post about our website! It’s wonderful when language, design and technology work in unison to create an effect that each couldn’t do on its own. That’s the magic of digital communications, isn’t it? Your post makes me think that we should elaborate on the “design thinking” that goes into this kind of work. Stay tuned for a post on that. Again, many thanks for the thoughtful review of our site and the generous post. Shannon

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Shannon! You are most welcome! I actually visited your website when I asked a friend in Silicon Valley how had a killer corporate site. We are finally doing ours after having neglecting it out of being too busy, and wanted good examples and etc. Having made something of a profession out of evaluating these things, and after having viewed all that on yours, I was quite taken obviously. I am not all that easily impressed, but honestly, there is hardly a single point of what you guys have presented that is not near perfect.

      We appreciate excellence above all else except honesty, and what you guys are doing is illustrative of both. We applaud you, and also appreciate you taking the time to visit one of our outreaches. We look forward to seeing your business and efforts rewarded, as truly excellent things should be.

      Thanks so much,

  2. says

    Phil, it is so nice to find a kindred spirit. We so believe in the melting pot of content/relationships, with design/technology and the social phenomenon… It is refreshing and invigorating to finally be in this world, and to be among those who are (hopefully) shaping the future. I hope we can meet some time to share ideas. Sabrina

    • Phil Butler says

      Sabrina, Thank you! Some people say; “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, but I say; “A great book cover and a wonderful introduction, goes a long way toward making the best first impression.” As you obviously know, a digital first impression is not even guaranteed online, but if hard work and some luck prevail, we need to make sure that the image we want to portray is there – when and if we are visited. As I told Shannon, we applaud you for demonstrating how this idea and image should be conveyed.

      Thanks too, for taking the time to acknowledge our sincere appreciation for what you are doing. I look forward to your future successes as we venture further toward a better experience, enlightened creativity, and greater understanding of how this great tool can be used. There is literally no limit to what we can achieve together.


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