How to Define Publicity in 2022

Although it’s been a difficult couple of years, throughout the global pandemic, the world witnessed a lot of resilience and compassion. The public relations industry has also dealt with a lot of change, and companies need to know all about publicity, and how it has changed as well.

Environmental, social, and corporate

The movement toward environmental, social, as well as corporate governments is going to continue to grow and companies that embrace these types of policies, and improve their corporate culture to better support various social and environmental measures are going to be setting the stage for publicity in the future. Not only that, but these companies are also going to be showcasing how the rest of the world should be operating in general. In fact, one of the defining factors for many purchasing behaviors that consumers make moving forward is going to be with companies that follow these types of policies. On the other hand, companies that ignore them, or choose not to follow them at all, are going to lose out on their market position.


One of the strongest drivers of publicity is going to continue to be technology, and the world has seen how it can transform everyday life. From the start of the pandemic, companies had to switch over to remote work, and technology and its various evolutions made business operations possible in the first place. These days, it’s become quite acceptable to have daily or weekly meetings via platforms like Zoom, and people have a number of different communication tools at their disposal. Between platforms like ‎WhatsApp and Slack, as well as social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and many others, companies can utilize each type of communication channel to reach their target audiences, and even reach specific segments of their target audiences. However, with this change also came the challenge of actually deciding which communication channels a company should be using to reach its target audience, as well as which communication channels are important to the target audience in the first place. Fortunately, companies can use most if not all of these communication channels to improve their public relations efforts and generate more publicity.

Public relations

Although the public relations industry in general changed quite a lot, since the start of the pandemic, it’s still going to continue to change and evolve. The public relations industry and practice itself originally stemmed from the news side of the communication industry. However, these days, with people having plenty of different options in terms of communication channels, companies can utilize everything from press releases, newsletters, sponsorships, articles, advertising, influencers, news stories, and more. That means, if a company wants to generate more publicity these days, it has the opportunity to utilize a variety of owned, earned, shared, as well as paid media, to grab the attention of the target audience.

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