ICR Public Relations Website Prove They Exist, And That’s About It

One of the few big PR firms that has an excuse for neglecting their website is ICR, the 8th most successful PR firm according to O’Dwyer’s. Why? Well, because they make little or no claim as to being leaders on the Web. ICR is essentially a financial consulting and communications entity with no claims on the digital space. The firm took in almost $25 million in fees in 2007 though, which begs the question;”So, do we want more business or not?” As far as online business, it is a virtual (no pun intended) certainty that this is not ICR’s focus.

Aesthetically correct, ICR's pages are fairly barren

Aesthetically correct, ICR\’s pages are fairly barren

Landing On “About”

Following the links to the company’s blog pretty much does it for evaluating this site. I am not sure who designed this site, but sending readers directly to the about page of a blog seems a little out of touch in my book. Other aspects of the site are similarly askew in that they just barely touch the edges of what a website should do – inform. ICR was founded by Thomas M. Ryan and Chad A. Jacobs back in 1998. Since then the firm has grown to employ over 100 people and supports over 200 world renown clients. Beyond the basics of listing people however, there is little to be derived from the company’s web presence.

About, is about all ICR has

About, is about all ICR has

Until Next Time

So, until we occasion visiting ICR a second time, it should also be noted that the company does advertise a digital media aspect. I suppose I should just leave this aspect alone, but for me at least, suggesting your company does something without showcasing it, is bad PR. Still, it is apparent that ICR, and many others, have much more important things going on that entering a conversation with the digital world. At least this is true for their company, if not their clients. Great companies can of course do business off the Internet, but I think they should just do it and be done with it.

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