Imin Tries to Dethrone Groupon. With Video.

Groupon everything-pr

Imin is a new social coupon site that tries to compete against Groupon using video campaigns on YouTube. The site bases its attempt to popularity on survey finds that showed that 94 out of America’s top 100 advertisers have run video campaigns on YouTube and Google. As YouTube has already reached 3 billion video views per day, no wonder that business owners are trying to inject their products and services on the social video sharing network.

For Imin, the idea of competing through videos may turn a bit more costly than predicted, after all, video production requires a script, an actor, editing, camera time and so on. But so far, the company managed to produce a video for each local business and coupon offer featured on its website. And aside YouTube campaigns, the company features its offers via email, on Twitter, and Facebook as well – quite an amazing effort for a startup.

Other than its video approach to business, Imin is no different than Groupon and Living Social. Users can buy a social coupon at a savings of 50% – 90% off as long as a set number of others buy the coupon in the given time allotment. There are new deals every day, with discounts on: restaurants, salons, spas, nightlife, concerts, theaters, museums, shows, lessons, yoga, tours, bakeries, hotels, boutiques, and more.

Below, a video sample from Imin, featuring an advert for Kimmers Ice Cream Online Coupon.

So what do you think? Is this approach enough to dethrone Groupon, or will it take much more to defeat the undisputed leader of the online coupon market.

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