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BIAll the social tools, the digital innovations set to transform business for you, and without Business intelligence (BI), your efforts could be doomed to failure. Social media, mobile technologies, the razor’s edge your business has yearned for, it’s all here. But, how does the SME owner hope to compare with corporate giants?

Three or four years ago, the reach of tools for doing in depth analysis and projections was as vast, but only large corporations could afford their expense, expertise demands, and intricacies.

Today especially, companies are sprouting up everywhere with solutions in the box, ready for even Mom and Pop to open up a can of marketing magic on their competition. Still, knowing what’s out there, in terms of your business’ needs, is a crucial as anything.

The infographic below might offer some surprises. Especially in the visual realm.

Created By Domo Technologies, Inc.

Data portability, integrity, flexibility, usability, all terms you have seen printed across your screen, sounded out in the business meeting, but the real meat and potatoes of the new BI is, with the right tools you can compete as never before. Monitoring and predicting are even more crucial in the digital realm, particularly when you competiton is deploying technologies as fast as they arrive on the scene.

How will you feel when everyone is on G+ for business, and you are still having that Facebook app made? I made my point. Thanks to DOMO for the cool infographic above.


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    Great infographic guys and completely backs up my thinking. In fact I wrote a blog post on this not so long ago that you can find on my website.

    More and more we are seeing “consumerisation” of the workplace. The phrase describes the trend for new IT to emerge first in the consumer market and then infiltrate business organisations. It’s driving convergence between IT and consumer electronics, as our technology usage and habits at home infuse, inspire and inform our professional lives, too – in other words people are getting used to tools, apps and gadgets to help them organise their life better, so they want to see this at work too and why not I say?? Many organisations are contemplating enterprise mobility far earlier thanks to employees’ willingness to bring their own smartphones and tablets to work, so I think this can only be a good thing for business.

    You can read my full thoughts here if you’re interested:

    Thanks, Peter @datalovers

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