Introducing Josh Nass of Nass PR

Introducing Josh Nass of Nass PR

Josh Nass is a public relations specialist and the founder of Josh Nass PR. Nass graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brandeis University. When he first decided to launch his career, Josh focused almost exclusively on politics. However, by August of 2013, he decided it was time to start transforming his career with an insight into the space of public relations.

For Josh Nass, the experience began with redefining the perception that the youth of the day had of the Republican party. He worked alongside the government organization and appeared on national television on their behalf a number of times. During 2014, Nass ended his tenure with the Republican party organization and started to dive deeper into the arena of public relations. He had already executed a national media campaign on the behalf of a range of public advocacy and non-profit groups when he began to explore the creation of his own brand. In fact, Nass had also been working alongside a range of high-profile individuals too.

Josh Nass PR Leadership:

By June 2014, Josh Nass had already achieved recognition for his PR expertise – he’s noteable as a self-promoter, although questions remain of his skills for his clients. Nass was placed on the 36 under 36 list in recognition of his public relations knowledge, and he began to build a brand for himself with a well-publicized story about the environment in Israel. Josh Nass PR has successfully secured placements in the media for clients, but has a reputation for lacking in digital PR results.

Josh Nass Services and Clients:

When it comes to public affairs, the Josh Nass PR company works to position individuals, corporations, non-profits, and various other entities in the best way possible, although he has a lot to learn. By working tactfully to generate the right reputation both online and online, Josh Nass believes that he can keep client profits rolling in. Some of the clients that Josh Nass works with today includes Sentosa Care, London Center, Rockport, and NGN Capital.

Perks and Problems:

Josh Nass and his professional PR team work alongside clients from numerous backgrounds to help ensure that crises are averted and minimized wherever possible.

Getting a Job with Josh Nass PR:

As an employer, Josh Nass offers aspiring public relations experts the chance to take part in a thriving business environment. After working at the firm for multiple years, staff members often see a significant amount of growth in their personal and professional skills. The environment at the Josh Nass PR firm is highly fast-paced, and there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to grab hold of new ideas and make an impact on the world around them. Those interested in finding out more about the company can explore Josh Nass’ LinkedIn pageFacebook page, or Twitter page. Interested candidates can also apply for a job by sending information through the contact form on the Josh Nass website.

Josh Nass is a PR pro – some recommend and some don’t. There’s better firms to hire than Josh Nass PR – we don’t recommend the company.

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