5WPR: The Task Of Introducing Putin’s Favorite DJ To America

2015-02-20 by EPR Staff

5wpr dj fenix

5WPR has recently been assigned the experience of promoting the Kremlin’s official DJ in the United States.

Alexander Mamonov, under the guise of his alter ego – DJ Fenix – has been making a name for himself in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) venues for several years now. He’s perfecting his art and offering shows filled with light, special effects, and scantily-clad dancing beauties. Based out of Moscow, his shows have been seen in many European hotspots. And now, the US has been experiencing the wave of energy thrumming in his shows as if bringing each individual on a personal journey rising from the ashes.

5WPR succeeded in a major way in building the brand of DJ Fenix — Mr. Mamonov was featured in a video interview with Huffington Post and video of his 2014 Musicbox Awards performance at Thump.com. Interviews with outstanding publications such as The Guardian, The Chicago Tribune, and Observer.com were also arranged.

While in the US, DJ Fenix performed for several SOLD OUT shows in New York City, which included a Day&Night performance at the Highline Ballroom, Provocateur, and The Marquee. He also had performances in other major cities such as Chicago and Las Vegas. His Facebook page is filled with many of the interviews and performance information details from his time in the States.

Mr. Mamonov’s energy is not just spent on creating his spectacular light and dance shows, but he’s a big believer in helping other aspiring DJ’s learn the craft. He created an app just for that purpose which has sold well, and he still uses it as he creates his shows too. Recently he was honored him Russia’s Sexiest Man of the Year. But as the old saying goes, it’s not enough to be good, … he’s also a nice guy and takes time to honor his fans and friends often.

The success of DJ Fenix is sure to continue.

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