InvestSource to Handle Investor Relations for Alternative Fuel Technologies


Alternative Fuel Technologies, Inc. announced yesterday that they have decided to go with InvestSource as their investor relations management agency. The investment relations company will be working to draw investor attention to the latest product by Alternative Fuel Technologies, DME, a new type of fuel.

DME is a far more effient fuel type and can currently be produced and distributed very cheaply, at less than half the cost of regular fuel options. Used in a diesel fuel system, DME burns clean, leaving no soot and drastically reducing NOx emissions. There is no need for a special fuel system or even expensive replacement parts to convert a current fuel system. In order to get this new fuel into the automotive market as an accepted alternative method of powering vehicles, Alternative Fuel Technologies, Inc. will need the support of investors, which is where InvestSource comes in.

“We are pleased to have such a professional and successful company as InvestSource as our conduit to the investment community.” says James C. McCandless, CEO of Alternative Fuel Technologies, Inc.

InvestSource specializes in presenting the general public with small and micro cap companies that might otherwise go unnoticed. They work to promote these companies to investors who are looking for solid investments in companies with sound business plans and great ideas, something that many small businesses offer in many cases.

The two companies are looking forward to working together to promote the advent of DME.

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