IRS Debtors Released: Chris Reda, Peter Glazier, Damon Dash & More

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The October list of New York tax delinquents is out – and it’s a continued effort to shame citizens into paying their debts. Clearly no one wants to be seen as behind in their payments to the government. It’s a strong, aggressive public relations strategy. Some of the more notable names on the list – which can be read in full here

Frederick Lesort

Frederick Lesort – famed restaurateur – owes a total of about $605,000. In 2011, he filed for bankruptcy – and is best known as the owner of high-profile Buddha Bar & Frederick’s, which celebrity-haunts were for many years.

Chris Reda

Chris Reda on the left

And speaking of celebrities, nightclub owner Chris Reda, who was partners with Kourtney Kardashian ex Scott Disick for a number of years is in the hock for about $622K. Reda has been featured in media extensively as a nightclub mogul who owned high-profile venues The Griffin & the Gansvoorth Market. Clearly he ain’t got no money today.

Steve Rifkind

Steve Rifkind owes $749K – and like some of the others on the list, this isn’t his first time. Previously, he owed $2.8 Million according to The New York Post. Rifkind is a big-time music producer, who according to XXL magazine, “responsible for breaking in some of hip-hop’s biggest artists in his 25 years in the business.” He has discovered or managed artists including Wu Tang Clan, Akon, David Banner, Big Pun and others. He’s also well known as the creator of “street teams.”

Peter Glazier on the right

Peter Glazier on the right

Peter Glazier owes $769K – following his company The Glazier Group, which owns Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse NYC in Grand Central Terminal and six Strip House restaurants into bankruptcy. Glazier has a long list of creditors and lawsuits.

Dominic Barbara

Dominic Barbara, Fallen celebrity lawyer who got arrested for blackmailing ex-wife

Dominic Barbara owes $773K – and as a disbarred lawyer may have a hard time making it back. He was once a very high-profile New York lawyer, who represented Joey Buttafuoco, and many others and was a regular on the Howard Stern show. Those days are long gone.

Jay Z and Damon Dash

And speaking of those whose best days are behind them, Damon Dash owes $2,277,889.37, and it’s a sad fall for the man who was Jay-Z’s long-time partner. He has long had financial problems.

Cannot run from the tax man – and now the New York State Tax authority is also publishing names. Pay up – or count on a PR campaign to shame you.

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