Is AI Useful For PR Firms, Or Just Another Fad?

“Shiny new object syndrome” isn’t just relegated to buying gadgets and gizmos – it also relates directly to the “buzz” surrounding AI. In the PR and marketing world, in particular, the allure of new tools is in part informed by the incredible power that our digitally connected world has provided to PR professionals as they serve their clients.

So it makes sense that PR pros will be interested in the latest tools in an effort to make their jobs easier, their campaigns more effective, and ultimately the work they do for their clients more profitable. Of course, as is the case with “shiny new objects”, not all that glitters is gold, and many of these tools can be as problematic as they are edifying.

That being said, there are a couple of ways that PR firms will find that AI is simply irreplaceable in how it complements efforts that an algorithm is, as of yet, unable to replace.

1. AI Automates Daily Tasks Better Than A Secretary

Let’s face it – people forget things. 

So while you don’t want to trust AI to route an important client call to your cell, Artificial intelligence and PR can work together to streamline and improve the following tasks:

●        Social posting – have a content professional put together the content, add it to multiple sites, and even spin variations so that you can repurpose messaging that works.

●        Calendar scheduling – sure, it can be difficult sometimes to coordinate schedules, but with AI, scheduling an important client call can be just a click away for them with a button added to your signature line in your email.

●        Meeting note-taking – the transcription tools based on natural language processing have become incredibly accurate. Think of it like a stenographer that never stops working until you do.

●        Email scheduling – just like your social posting, email communication needs to be regular, and AI’s don’t stop working just because it’s Superbowl Sunday.

There are, of course, other tasks that AI can help automate for you – but much of that depends on your own needs as a firm.

2. AI is a Research Short-Cut For Data-Driven PR Campaigns

PR clients pay top dollar for PR professionals because they expect results. However, results don’t just magically appear out of nowhere or as a result of lucky guesses. It involves more than just networking – PR campaigns require solid research.

Prior to the Internet and AI, most of this research had to be done the hard way, via interviews, hiring folks to do research on the ground, etc. Today, most of this research can actually be automated – and as a result, it’s relevant NOW, rather than a result of the research you conducted months ago.

What kind of research? Examples include:

●        When to send out campaign emails and social media posts to get the most responses

●        Where to promote your campaign (online, trade shows, etc.)

●        Who the most effective influencers and bloggers to work with for your campaign will be

●        What your target audience is talking about right now so you can inject yourself into that conversation

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

The bottom line is that AI isn’t going anywhere, and there are a host of ways PR firms can take advantage of this emerging technology. While it isn’t able to replace PR professionals yet – not even close – there are plenty of tools available that will make the often repetitive or time-consuming tasks far easier to manage.

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