Israel Hires An American PR Firm

2015-09-19 by Richard D. Pace

Israel Hires An American PR Firm

In breaking Public Relations news, The State of Israel has hired its first American public relations firm in many years, with the awarding of a contract to Pennsylvania-based Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy, according to a report which appeared in an Israeli newspaper tonite. The contract – a $90,000 engagement which runs from November 2014-November 2015 is described as a test pilot to determine whether the engagement will spread nationally between local PR firms and local offices of the Israeli government.

Ceisler media is regarded primarily as a political PR agency, and their task is defined as to “target districts of key members of Congress, reaching out to local gay groups, and strengthening ties with the Hispanic community.” The agency has also handled certain social media activities for the Government of Israel’s Pennsylvania office and other activities, which the government refused to discuss at length.

The agency – at their own expense has taken employees to Israel – and Larry Ceisler, CEO of the firm noted “We are doing it more for the love of Israel than for the money.” The project is designed to “change the American public’s perception of Israel, saying that many in the United States only know the Jewish state for its religious character or think of it as a war zone ravaged by terrorism and discord.”

Other projects include “include developing roundtables or panels around “hot-button Israeli issues” such as Iran’s nuclear program and a project named “What if Gaza was Near Your City?”. It also suggests to “identify members of Congress serving in leadership and on key committees to target their districts for targeted outreach.””

Among the agencies to have worked for the State of Israel on previous occasion include Rubenstein Associates, 5WPR (led by former Likud spokesperson Ronn Torossian), as well as Frank Luntz, the renowned pollster.

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