Friday Night Twitter Matchup: Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) vs. Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog)

Last week Brian Solis sent social media legend Todd Defren spiralling to the engagement canvas in a Twitter match that was less memorable, but one that showed Defren’s true sport behavior. A subsequent “Tweet” showed even the most serious PR and communication practitioners can maintain a sense of humor. This week two more icons of the web matchup. Jeff Bullas and Seth Godin are two web celebs that need no introduction, but here’s a short one below just for the Twitter fight card.

Bullas vs Godin everything-pr

Consultant, coach, mentor and speaker extraordinary, Jeff Bullas is on Forbes’ list of Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers (#14), among his many other accolades. Bullas is quoted where marketing meets social about as frequently as anyone on the web, so matching him up versus another “quoteable” guru, only seems appropriate here. Bullas will certainly make this a heavyweight matchup.

Author of some 14 books now, Seth Godin is in essence a household name. Okay, a webhouse name anyway. Entrepreneur, analyst, and a speaker chosen as one of 21 for the Next Century by Successful Meetings, Godin has made himself into a whole cottage industry basically. If the social web were a Monopoly game, Seth would have his own play piece, all-be-it a bald one.

The matching of these two is a bit like Frazier/Ali one, or the Fight of the 21st SM Century (sort of). Let’s see who beats up on whom here. Frazier (Bullas) of Ali (Godin – yes, the mouth).

Here’s the Round by Round Scorecard

Follow – Godin comes out slinging jabs via a quarter of a million followers. The peppering effect gives him the early lead on points.
Listening Post – Godin, so busy telling the world about his exploits, fails to notice there’s an audience with a voice. Bullas gains big points for actually having a follow to following ratio to be proud of.
Now that you mention it – For Tweet effectiveness there’s probably not another living soul on Twitter who gets more from 140 characters. Godin throws down with formidable stats here, more than 10 times as effective as Bullas.
Timing is nearly everything – Looking a bit complacent in the scheduling department, maybe justifiably, Godin does not match Bullas for his daily tweeting regimen. In this department Bullas is like Terminator regular.

Who Wins? Despite Godin’s stupendous numbers in at least two categories, this matchup is a split decision. Not unlike Ali himself, his mouth sometimes garnering him boos, Godin not following a soul detracts from what would be a clear knockout. While Bullas offers a worthy effort here, the followers and MTs seal if for Godin.


    • Phil Butler says


      LOL. I figured the ruler of the blogosphere was Harry Potter, but who am I?



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