The App That Does It All: JetSmarter

2017-03-06 by Aaron Sarno

The App That Does It All: JetSmarter

In today’s on-demand economy, travelers have the choice to book anything from cars, boats, home rentals and now, private jets. Some wealthy people who are maximizing their lifestyle worldwide are joining JetSmarter, the country club of the sky.

Launched in 2013, JetSmarter is a mobile marketplace that offers its members a platform to browse and choose from thousands of private jet options, from chartering their own jet, to hopping on a scheduled, shared jet with other members in various cities across the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Now, the company is expanding its on-demand services and providing luxury home rentals, known as JetHomes, creating a complete end-to-end travel booking experience all on one network.

“In addition to all of the normal perks travelers get when flying private, we’re building an actual community where members can upgrade their traditional travel booking experience -where instead of using different services and websites, they can now book everything all on one platform. Through our app, members can book flights and their sleeping arrangements, in addition to utilizing our concierge services to assist with restaurant and club reservations, luxury car rentals and more, anytime they travel,” said Sergey Petrossov, CEO of JetSmarter.

On the app, members can browse and book homes luxury homes, on a weekly basis. And the experience doesn’t stop there – upon arrival at any rental property, guests are greeted with JetSmarter’s personal butler service, which is available at their convenience throughout the duration of their stay.

“We are at our members’ favor, where we provide them with everything at their fingertips. From inviting executive chefs on board flights to ensure their meals are perfected, to stocking their kitchens at their rental properties with their favorite snacks, beverages and more. Our goal is to provide the ultimate travel experience for our community of members, which continues to grow each day,” Petrossov continued.

And the experience continues. Wanderlust travelers thinking of purchasing a membership have a lot more to look forward to throughout this year. The app’s most popular service, its shared JetShuttle flights, are adding more flights as they expand into Asia and Latin America, so travelers in the US can fly into New York, travel to Europe and hop on a connecting jet into Asia and beyond. Current JetShuttle cities include San Francisco, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Boston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, DC, New York, Scottsdale, Chicago, London, Paris, Moscow, Nice, Milan, Munich, Geneva, Riyadh, Dubai and Kuwait.

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