MySpace Tries to Relaunch with Makeover and Justin Timberlake Promotion

Myspace MakeoverIt was a really big thing! Back in the day, the MySpace network was heavily used by bands to promote their songs and concerts and by many people and brands. And then Facebook appeared and it was the new kid on the block rocking everyone’s world. Many dumped MySpace for new social networks. Well, guess what: MySpace tries to get back in the spotlight of the social media scene and announces its new format. Really.

Ok, seriously now. A little bit of history: in 2005 News Corporation bought the social network for USD580 million, and Justin Timberlake and Specific Media Group acquired MySpace for USD35 million in June 2011. Yup, you got that right. A HUGE drop. Perhaps the number of users which is still pretty high is what spiked the interest of the investors. According to Wikipedia, MySpace had 25 million unique U.S. visitors in June 2012.

Justin Timberlake myspace

Well, now there’s a video highlighting the new MySpace. Of course, the video was also promoted by Justin Timberlake on his Twitter account – with millions of followers. It is an already proven business model and strategy to involve a well known person in promoting something they owns. It happens with clothing lines, perfumes, restaurants, so why not a social network? The – yup, that’s the address – looks indeed fresh and new, having a little bit of everything that’s successful for other competing social networks. It has a lot of Pinterest – though with a horizontal presentation of images and people – it has pages with statistics and other details similar to those on other social networks. But you can see it all for yourself in this video.

The reactions after the launch of this teaser and the redesign announcement were not that promising. Some call it nice and good looking, everyone admits there are similarities to other social networking sites, while others don’t think there is any reason to believe MySpace could get to be the successful networks it was, or ever go back to being used as much. And we have to admit that it really seems very hard to revive the former glory of MySpace! Do you think it has any chance?

They use Weber Shandwick as their worldwide Public Relations agency of record.

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