Celebrity PR: Now Everyone Wants Kat Dennings’ Measurements

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings is the latest celebrity caught up in a scandalous photo fiasco. Of course more “leaked naked photos” are the cause for this uproar, and Perez Hilton is at the head of the dog pack yelping about them. Surprise of surprises – sex still sells on the Internet and on the ground.

Kat, the star of Daydream Nation and Thor, is best known for her role her roles in Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist opposite Michael Cera. The 24 year old Dennings has been something of a goody two shoes by the standards of young actors these days. She openly admits to not drinking or smoking and not being around people who do either. Until most recently she never even admitted to having a boyfriend. These pictures seem a little bit out of character – but look genuine enough if you follow Hilton’s links (caution graphic).

According to some sources Kat sent this nude image on her cell phone, and somehow it found its way into the wrong hands. Whoever intercepted here, likely contacted Perez, if this story pans out. The nature of this images seems pretty clear, and given the provocative poses the subject uses, something a girlfriend might send to her beau maybe?

Kat Dennings

Much speculation is obviously running about. If this is really Dennings posing topless, it does not look like a Kim Kardashian like escapade to me. Besides, this girl can act and is a classically pretty person – there is no need for bombshell bimbo antics. Interestingly, or sadly in a way, now that millions have seen Perez Hilton’s cheap shots of Kat, her being well endowed has raised the question of her measurements.

We are sinking pretty far pretty fast is all I can say. Watch how you send out super personal stuff if this is you Kat.


  1. 2cents says

    Perez hilton did not leak these, egotastic did. Perezhilton put up a link (which you linked) but didn’t actually leak them. I don’t why you single him out when there are literally millions of sites like that on the web. Also, when her lawyers told him to take it down he did, link was removed. He’s gotten much less trashy since he got famous himself, but he still does his job.

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