Katarina Witt Playboy Images Surface Again [Updated]

The Olympic Games tend to spawn a lot of controversy, especially when female athletes are gorgeous and the world decides to take advantage of the fact. Katarina Witt being one great case in point, has come into the forefront once again because of Sports Illustrated’s latest cover featuring downhill skier Lindsey Vonn.


Why the controversy, is anyone’s guess. SI is notorious for selling magazines the old fashioned way – with sex appeal in one form or fashion. Lindsey Vonn being the flavor of the month, maybe all the buzz is just part of the game? Katarina posed for Playboy after her last Olympic performance Katarina posed for Playboy in 1998, ten years after her 2nd Gold medal, though anyone would admit her cute little skating outfits rivaled Vonn’s skin tight ski apparel in utter sexiness. It is not exactly clear what the parallel here is between Vonn and Katarina Witt? Maybe Vonn’s publicists would like her to be the next Katarina?

Detractors of Vonn’s cover are calling her poses “highly provocative.” Well duh. The comparison to Katarina coming because of that two time gold medalists skill, beauty, and obviously shocking for the time poses for Playboy. Though Vonn seems short on talent and beauty compared with Witt. As for her skin tight skiing apparel? It appears some good PR has pushed this SI cover appearance to the edges. I don’t see the big deal here.

Vonn was also featured inside the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in much more revealing shots? The only thing “figurable” about this trend besides the need for the 17 to 25 demographic to fawn over Internet beauty, is that this is a test to see the potential win if Vonn does the Playboy thing? Whatever the reasons, revisiting Katarina Witt is not all too unpleasant. Well, except maybe for Vonn and SI if Googlers find the German beauty more worth their surfing time that is.

For the record, everyone knows Katarina Witt is 100 times hotter than Lyndsey Vonn, right?

Update: feature image changed, courtesy Elisabeth Gottmann, Katarina Witt’s publicist. We would also like to thank Mrs. Gottmann for the correct information provided vis-a-vis Mrs. Witt involvement with Playboy. Note that the 1998 edition of Playboy with pictorials of Katarina Witt was the second sold-out issue after Marilyn Monroe in 1953.

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