Celebrity PR: Kate Beckinsale Stars In The Sexiest Video

Kate Beckinsale

Even if you don’t believe in Vampires, you have to believe Kate Beckinsale is one of the sexiest women alive. I venture to say if she were one, 99 percent of the men on Earth would welcome crossing over to the dark side. Earlier this month Esquire Magazine named Kate to the lofty perch Halle Berry sat atop last year. To kick off the show Esquire created a video of Beckinsale which by anyone’s standards should be considered the “sexiest video on the planet” as well. Well, let’s say the sexiest tasteful video any way.

Beckinsale has somehow been looked over to a degree in the “sexy” category many believe, and a gander at the video itself should pretty much force readers to ponder the question; “Why is everyone so interested in all these other bimbos?” Another interesting question for celebs like Paris Hilton and the lot might be; “Why aren’t blonds having more fun?”

Fans of Kate Beckinsale will remember not only her refined acting ability, but fine lines as well from films such as; Pearl Harbor, the Underworld series, Van Helsing, and many others in various genres. The athletic, tomboyish and classically picturesque London girl has not only made a name in Hollywood as a respected actress, but holds her own in the “tough girl” category as well.

As for the “sexiest” title, Kate is a great example of how a girl does not have to do “anything” to be sexy, just enough. Yeah there are more risque videos out there, but none really compare at “cruising the fringes” of tastefulness and sexuality.

I leave the reader with evidence positive of the gals claim to the throne, but I cannot acquiesce that Kate is “the” sexiest woman alive, because my wife is. Not saying that to get out of trouble either, and she knows it (funny the two do actually look alike), no video proof pending on that account I am afraid. Any way, I have no problem voting for Kate as a distant second sexiest woman alive.


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