Actress Kavya Madhavan to Divorce After 5 Month Marriage

Kayva Madhaven

In Bollywood news, Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan’s marriage is reportedly on the rocks already. Madhavan, one of South India’s favorite stars, began her career as a child actress back in the 1980’s. Married in February to Nischal Chandran, according to several sources Madhavan is now staying with her parents.

The Indian press is quick to suggest that this news is part of a trend where young women there, in particular celebrities, are having problems coping with the stresses imposed by marriage, career, tradition. There has been no comment from Kavya yet, but it has been suggested she has already sought legal council.

Since their marriage, Madhavan and Chandran have been living in Kuwait. Madhavan is perhaps best noted for retaining her Malayalam dialect, her charity, and for the weight of her filmography. As the South Indian film industry’s number one heroin for over a decade, Kavya’s marital woes obviously impact a great number of people.

Just after her marriage, the actress suggested that she would stop acting for the family. It is conjecture of course, but this writer wonders if this is not the reason for the apparent split. Tradition dies hard, and female actresses in this region would obviously come under extreme scrutiny.


  1. Kavya Maayir says

    Well now everyone knows. DILEEP was the reason. Both Kavya and Dileep cheated Nishal and Manju Warrier.

  2. Arunkumar S. says

    Hey guys and gals, I think the aspiration for a ‘happy married life’ is very overrated and most probably it is just a myth and a marriage is not the be all and end all of life. Many, in fact most of the marriages fall way short of your expectations and you have to be content with what you’ve got and that’s the cruel fact of life. The mistake Kavya and her family made was to rush into a marriage, without applying much thought to it. She could have continued with her career. May be pressure was building up on her watching the girls and other actresses of her age getting married off.
    I think as an actress she had been underutilized and her image had kept her bound in a straitjacket of a ‘sweet Malayali girl’. I hope she returns to her career and strives to break this invisible mould. I hope she experiments and is bolder with her choice of roles a la Jayabharati , Sheela etc. of the yesteryears. As a full blooded Malayali male, I would like to see more of her- physically and emotionally. She has the most beautiful Malayali female form (even the late director, the great Lohithadas commented on this) and I suggest she exploit it to the core. Being prudish is not a wise option. Kavya, my dear, you go girl! Show the world what you’ve got. Even the sky is no limit for you.
    If the latter part of my comments raises hassles among the feminist folk, I don’t give a damn.

  3. sonia menon says

    @same ..everyone is entitled to their opinion. It would be better if people do not try to personalize and make personal attacks on people who have been blogging in this site.

    I hope the moderator takes note of the comment of “same.”

  4. same says

    i dont understand some of the logic used here by people

    actress gets divorced = actress do not know how to live married life = because she acted in movies she does not know how to live her life = because movies are not reality = hence we should never see movies again = so we will all never get married.

    some people acted scenes from movies in real life and got into danger = everyone believes movies are real life = no one should see movies again = then we are all safe

    how about a different look at this

    movies are for fun = people see it for entertainment = only idiots will believe it is real life = only even bigger idiots will say movies should be banned = so there will be no more movie actress = hence we will all never get divorced.

    gopakumar = taliban?

  5. same says

    nobody is sure, and lollipops are here to express their feelings based on whatever knowledge they have of the situation. that is why i would think this topic has been put up here. maybe someone knows more than others, we would never know for sure would we.

  6. Sam says

    Do any of the people who have commented so far know anything about Nischal and Kavya as persons? Do they know anything about their temperaments , backgrounds, perspectives, financial, emotional or sexual needs? Even in a failed marriage where one knows both the partners, its often difficult to pin the blame. Then how come all these lollipops are so sure of their opinions for Kavya or against?

    • Phil Butler says

      It is a very sad thing to watch vibrant young people get into these situations so early in a relationship (or any time for that matter).


  7. Neya says

    Gosh Gopakumar! What’s up with ya man?

    “.It is giving one more message that better not to watch movies because real life is not like that.”

    Hell, Even small kids knows for a fact that movies are for fun and we aint looking for any role models there.

    “This is a clear message from our famous actress Kaavya to all her fans and public that winning a happy married life is not so easy”

    I agree with your firt statement though. It’s not easy to make any marriage work, but what if it’s a totally rotten condition. Instead of hanging in there and waste your life, she did the right thing. She got out of that as soon as she could. God bless you kavya. We all are praying for you to get a very blessed married life soon.I am sure you’ll get that guy who’ll love you unconditionally for the person you are rather than concerned abt your hefty bank accounts/assets.

  8. Gopakumar says

    This is a clear message from our famous actress Kaavya to all her fans and public that winning a happy married life is not so easy .It is giving one more message that better not to watch movies because real life is not like that.

  9. Natasha says

    @ Phil Butler:
    Thanx for the unbiased article and follow ups. Much better read than the local media… :))

    • Phil Butler says

      Thanks Natasha, and your are more than welcome. Thank you for the compliment. One of the most fun and fullfilling things we do is delve into other people, other cultures, and into stories that might not have otherwise been read. In writing about the rest of the world, our own lives are made richer by far.

      Thanks again for your kindness.


  10. anil says

    keralites normally are a tribe unto themselves, and behaves culturally like one too. have seen experts above give verdict on how she is from a different region, and how she is from a different background, and how she is from a different caste, and how these things will rightfully kill any marriage. it would’ve helped if the keralites ever had any exposure to any other culture, unfortunately they only travel to the gulf to work, and deal only with their own people due to insecurities and perceived inadequacies. it is about time some of you woke up and realise…
    1. india has moved far ahead, and the world has too.
    2. marriage is for sharing your life with happiness, not to make your family rich through dowry
    3. it does not matter who you marry and if she is from different country, language, cast or background. if you are truly clear on why you marry, you like each other, and if you are willing to accept each other, any marriage will succeed.
    4. in this case it collapsed ( as i understand from sources quoted) not becos of santosh’s analysis. it happened becos the groom’s parents also think like santosh. in a world where money is most important, and small differences are not solvable, they expect money to settle all differences.

    what a pity, it is a beautiful place, and people are such idiots who have such a conservative, male chauvinistic,sexually oppressed, rich by any means approach to life and everything around it.

  11. neema says

    Kavya is really a bold woman. Contrary to the suffering female character she played onscreen, her real life boldness is worth complimenting. I am sure many other woman would have reacted in a similar way only if they had the financial and family security. No man will ever understand this situation. But what I really dont understand is that why did her family hurry for a marriage without even properly enquiring about the guys job and other family issues. The fact that his brother is a divorcee is not something to be taken lightly.

  12. sati says

    Dear Kavya,

    God will bless you with a better partner.Whenever I used to watch your interviews I always felt like how innocent your thinking was.I still believe that heart for tolerance and compassion are all genuine. May be because you trusted someone without a character.It takes Years for any married relation to build up. After the initial spark is over life works only with a good friendship. Why is the great malayalee society so male oriented and insensitive??? Its shame for every person from the gods on land. Where a family is considered ideal and descent without seeing the sufferings of woman folk.
    For the guys who are going to get married…Every descent bride will enter the new life with a mind full of love and respect to her husband. But once she is tortured by the so called MIL and ignored by the husband dear all the affection will be gone for ever. After years of misunderstandings and cold fights the couples will be ditatched as ever.

    And why is the Kerala Men so obsessed with the “character” of the girl. Are they all virgin sons of god. This is the excuse they Use to overpower woman. For them every successful woman has reached their by doing sexual favors.Come on man !! Its simply jealousy.

  13. Vinod says

    really sad to hear this news.kavya was the only actress in malayalam who never compromised on her values. I salute her for taking the right decision, if the news is true . To stand by and bear mental torture from a person with whom you have to spent a whole life is unthinkable. it is the egoistic male tendency. They just can’t stand a successful woman. come on kavya, you can get out of this, and I know you will. we are all there for you. You will definitely get a better person in your life. you deserve it.

  14. rukmini and rajni says

    This is shocking news heared ..but still wish that it wont come true.. lets hope for some miracle…. a talented actress like KAVYA …who the hell can depart from her. Its better to make a good career that living with that (husband) … THERE WILL BE A LIFE AFTER THIS,,,,

  15. Ratna says

    I pity Kavya. Thank God she is in safe hands now. Fate. She surely has a bright future. Being in Kuwait, i wished i could see her. Malabar and Trivandrum side marriages never work.

  16. HRP says

    As a person living in kuwait for years and knowing his family personally, i think his mother who is a totally cultureless lady is responsible for the split. She is having history of doing the same to her first daughter in law also. He is having a small job in a bank which is far away from the “financial advisor” post which was publicised. He is also having a salary one fifth of the publicity given by the family. Also feel that her family didnt make proper investigations before the marriage.I am sure that kavya is innocent in this issue and need to escape from the relationship before it is too late.

    Good luck kavya

    We keralites are with you.

  17. Great Thinker says

    Guys, I am male who prides to be a free thinker. I was born in India (but no more live there). I always liked Kavya as in her interviews she always came across as a sweet, innocent, and caring person. I believe whatever may happen in life one has a choice to make. And making a positive choice you can live the rest of your life happily. I tried to put together certain LESSONS which i believe all should learn and spread.


    1. Marriage should have right reasons like Sexual attraction, Love, Mutual respect, Common interest, Shared goals

    2. Man should be of a Superior status than woman to make her his wife. He should be superior Financially, Professionaly, Emotionally, Physically, Intellectually (or a combination of a few of these items, extra ordinarly)

    3. Horoscope matching is sheer ABSURDITY

    4. Man & Woman should interact more closely before marriage so that they know each other a lot better.

    5. Don’t trust your parents blindly. Think for yourself, listen to yourself, and take decisions on your own.

    6. Always Think Positive, Think Big, Never Stop Learing, Always be Happy, Have no Fears to Do what you believe is Right, Accept & Love Yourself.

  18. Rajan V.Kokkuri says

    Kavya is considered as one among family member and most of us wished the best for her life. She recieved sincere love and affection from family, friends and industry in that past. After marriage she might have missed this from husband’s family. There is no point in adjusting and wasting precious time of her life. A mistake is made in selection of husband. What to do? Do come out and live among the people who care and love you. All the best. We all are with you. Do not both if any
    talk bad words. It is not money that always gives you mental satisfaction. We are strong when we are surrounded by good people.

    Rajan.V.Kokkuri Muscat.

  19. Susan says

    I have been reading thru all the above comments – some rubbish and some really supportive ones.
    No girl would get married thinking she is going to get a divorce after certain months – its not easy going thru the entire process, and am not referring to the legal process. The amount of emotional torture you go thru is just not worth it. But when someone takes this extreme step, its only because there is no other way.
    It is easy for us to sit and pass judgements. Only when it happens to you, you’ll realise how difficult it is. (Luckily, I didn’t had to go thru it, but came quite close)
    If its true that Kavya has filed for divorce(and if its because she cudn’t get along for various reasons) am happy that she has taken the step. Just because earlier women (not limited to women from Kerala)used to suffer whatever came their way, doesn’t mean that it has to continue. You don’t have to be in a loveless/abusive marriage just because you are married to a moron. I hope everyone realises that.
    People, start respecting women. They deserve a life equal to men, if not better.

  20. Mihaela Lica says

    There are two sides to every coin, as you suggest Achachu, somehow the lady does not exhibit the characteristics of a feminist tho.

    Thanks for your opinion tho, really.

  21. Mihaela Lica says

    I could not agree more AHNAS, the woman has a power about her, and an honesty. I hate to see such nice and talented people in situations where they become disillusioned. Thanks for your comments.

  22. paati says

    Dear Kavya,

    You dont need to worry about the decision you have taken. A much peaceful life is awaiting you. And dont forget that every fall has its lesson. Dependance will always come with its sideeffects.

  23. nair says

    Dear All,

    Its a mixed feeling.I’m sad to hear about end of another marriage. But I am happy about the fact that Kavya reacted. She is truly bold and beautiful.

  24. Sanam says

    Hi Kavya,

    Nothing is der 2 worry .Whatever you do take your own time.And afterwards der should not be a time where you critisice yourself for what u do.It is that some persons does not respects women.Once they will understand what is the value of Women .Plz don’t b upset.
    Plz come back 2 film industry n forget all ur tensions.

    We all Malayali people and those who likes u will b there 4 u.

  25. Shreya says

    People who choose to rubbish the actress involved come across as the typical mean people we meet in our lives.Ever ready to judge..
    as though they have been models of perfection in their relations with family,friends,colleagues,neighbours,classmates and the world at large..

    Of course marriage is considered sacred and most important of u feel all the more an urge to decide and judge others’ choices.Ha!

    If you truly care,pray or atleast wish them well.What if it had to happen to you or your current/future children..would the nasty analysis that you, who hv only seen her on tv or read eagerly from the net or some cheap magazine,or through hearsay from the gossipmonger..would come from your all-knowing minds/high morals.

    Please,think again.Your gossip and mean tongues and minds make you seem no better than an envious lot.Sorry to say.

    • Phil Butler says

      Like many of you, I am not in a position to judge, none of us are really. We just have to express our feelings and in the end modify them if we find we are wrong. Thanks for the insight all of you guys, we all hope Kavya is happy whatever her situation is.


  26. dhanya says

    hai kavya
    for a malayalee woman ur the point of attraction..its sad and unplesing thing after hearing this news..we al;l r really really sad dear..anyway dont loose hope.its not the end of evrything!move on..something beeter will always await u…but always remember one thing….think twice befor making any actions..becoz its all ur life!


  27. perumalayya says

    These filmi people or shall I say ROLL MODELS are changing husbands like changing dresses..after all it is her life.. only thing she has to realise that this is not cinema but it is life..

  28. naz says

    +ve thinking, it is really disgusting to know that people can talk like this!Like Anand and Shreya said, it is really pathetic that somebody makes this kind of comments about a person.Whatever her virtues or vices, we just know her from what we see on screen, and what the blood-hound press writes about her.Why should an outsider make such nasty comments about a person he hardly knows?A very good demonstration of positive thinking and a pure mind!

  29. sath says

    I expected this b4 coz i saw 1 interview of her b4 mariage on 1 malayalam channel, according to that interview crystal clear that she is not interested with this marriage or no value for him. her expressions like that, That time i told to my friends it is not happening.. whatever it is as a malayalee it is a sad news.

  30. +ve Thinking says

    @sonia menon –> We do respect only good decent girls.

    @Anand –> Brother, i dnt have enough time here to illustrate the complete activity of an actress or i dnt have a plan of spraying a bone of contentions here. But believe me, you will come to know about it one day, till then wait.
    Also…i liked your comment ” At least Kavya is not such a girl” LOL.

    Shreya Nair –> Your suggestions are not bad.

    However, u misinterpreted my comments.

    “As of Kavya : a bubbly girl in the film industry…….” —> i didn’t say that she is not a cherry in the ice-cream, did i ?

    “a nature born beauty who still maintains the traditional style of Kerala’s own beauty………” —> I dndt say she is not, all babes are beautiful when they are born and situations force ’em to lead a bad ending.

    Shreya, i can understand your emotions. but i would rather say its all because of your overlapped inclination towards her beauty or a passion towards her histrionics character.

    Nothing bad in it, buddy.

    All i can say now is, just wait for some more time you will get to know all about it … :-)

    All@ no hard feelings.

  31. Raj says

    Now a days, if you notice most of the young actresses are not committed to what they are doing, even if they are highly talented, they just come and act in few movies make some money and go,not at all committed to the film as a great art form, eg: the great actrees shobhana, Revathy,Julia Roberts etc. the kind of commitment they have towards their profession is amazing. The same attitude if they take towards their personal life also, it will be a disaster. No commitment. Not ready to compromise. If her husband doesnt have a secure job means, is this divorce only the soultion? Their will be ups and downs in life, need to compromise especially in a family life. She never born with a silver teeth. She also had struggles in her life.

    The recent trend of the new actresses is, act in few films and get married to an NRI(US/UK/CANADA/GULF)just only aiming at the financial security(not a good life)and good job, has to be changed. Being practical is good. But not this. If we select out of 10 actresses, 8 will be like this. Because they need to keep up the same luxurious life they had before marriage after the marriage also. They can’t even think of coming down as a normal human being.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Raj, A valid observation of course. For me, the lady seems very committed to her work, and I can only assume she carried that level of commitment into her marriage. She did move away from her home and things seemed to be going well. I guess we may never know all the details, but what you say is valid for many young stars.


  32. tony says

    she was the light that lit the entire kerala with her smiling eyes.
    courageouse she be, in this darkest hour. let there be light in her life…… again.

  33. Shreya Nair says

    This is rply to the comment written by “+ve Thinking” –

    hello plz do change ur quote from +ve thinking to ” -ve Rubbish ”
    this will help to get lots of mails for ur rubbish comments…….

    As of Kavya : a bubbly girl in the film industry…….
    a nature born beauty who still maintains the traditional style of Kerala’s own beauty………
    something really hurts to knw abt her div…..
    hats off to kavya … if they come to knw abt such junks taking for them fo a ride… only in the name of wealth, then i request all not to sit back instead bring them out to society so that no other will suffer in future……

    regarding kavya…… those who know her will knw wht sort of girl she is but to have argue with such people (+ve Thinking”) its of no use than waste of time…………

    All the best kavya….. be on to ur decision…….not to loose hope.

  34. Anand says

    This is a reply to the comment written by “+ve Thinking”-
    First of all the answer for your usage ” used and thrown off like a crappy bumpkin” , my dear friend what you mean by USED – is that a sexual relationship ? or sleeping together after a marriage ?.You are just blind and seeing only the physical attachments in a relationship, try to see and understand something which is above that and more beautiful- “The mental happiness and well being” !, you have to read all other comments written here about such a lovely girl coming from a deep village with all human qualities still preserved, have a close watch to her films or an interview, people might tell lies during interviews —but still u can still measure some extend how much it is true , regarding Kavya- you have to regret for the nasty usage of the words you stated above and think more about a true mental relationship that will automatically augment the physical relationship make life happiest,if some one cannot cop up with that they may take early decisions not to get more contaminated -thats all happened here, last but least -do not think all inside film field are ready to sell them for money – At least Kavya is not such a girl.

  35. sonia menon says

    If the rumors are to be believed then I think Kavya has taken a right and bold step because it is better to divorce a person once for all than to die a slow death due to mental and physical torture. It is sad to note that nowadays even the rich and famous women in our state have started to become victims. Kerala has always been known for its hypocritical attitude towards women. Here even the employed and educated girls are forced to shell out large sums of money in the form of dowry. Kerala being one of the most literate states in India is also known for women empowerment and often times we come across that the women here are treated like door mats, irrespective of caste, status or religion. The chauvinistic attitude of male is most prevalent in Kerala. The level of tolerance, care and understanding for relationships is very low, giving Kerala the dubious distinction of being the state with the highest suicide rates.

    I come from a middle class family in Kerala and have seen my mother being physically and mentally abused at the hands of my father. Even after 36 years of her marriage there is very little she or we as her children have been able to do, expect to be mute spectators of the atrocities. My mother never could garner the courage to walk out of the marriage because of the fear of wrath from relatives and society; but she never realized the kind of impact this kind of marriage would have on her children. Psychologically, the children begin to lose faith in relationships and fall short of trusting people. That is exactly what has happened to me, I do not think I will ever be able to trust a person enough to get into a marriage.

    The women of Kerala am sure have come a long way from the days of my mother and have more courage and strength to walk out of an abusive relationship. The Malayali men should realize that they can no longer take women for granted. For a person like Kavya, who has been in the Malayalam film industry for more than a decade, has always had a huge fan following. She has always been the typical girl any man would aspire to marry. The person who she got married to was well aware of her background and the baggage that comes along with marrying an actress. He should have had the decency to take extra care to make the relationship work. All I have to say is that the people of Kerala stand by Kavya and pray that god give her and her family enough strength to face the present crisis they are going through.

  36. +ve Thinking says

    Huh… guyss..

    What u guys thinking … She been used for two months and thrown off like a crappy bumpkin.

    cuz, What will you do if u come to know that your wife had many nights with other men in the film industry.

    Think it from his (Nischal) shoe guys….

    Film industry is like that…dnt scratch your head for such nasty stuffs, better concentrate in your part of the life.

  37. prakash says

    Still dont know the truth behind this news..hope its not truth .., and if it is , I would suggets this as yet another classic example of an arranged marriage disaster . Poor Kavya deserves a better life , so i wish she will get rid of lunatics and come back to her life and career stongly . All the best kavya !!

  38. anu says

    Sad to know it…kavya is a nice lady who’s very sincere and serious in relationships…we all know how deeply she’s involved in her marriage and related dreams…
    i support her…hope she ll come out of the sorrows…

    take care Kavya…
    we all are with u…

    • Mihaela Lica says

      Thanks Anu, I hope she comes here and sees all the wonderful support from you guys.

    • Mihaela Lica says

      Me too Bobit, I figure she will go forward and be fine, it is just sad to have such an apparently happy marriage and then to be in the other situation at any time, let alone in a few months. Something must have gone very wrong.

  39. Anjana says

    Dearest Kavya,

    I am a divorcee, of your same age, (divorced after very few years of my marriage) writing this with utmost empathy and love for a girl like YOU who always wanted to keep up the traditions of our rich culture.

    my parents too spent a lot of money with lot many people invited for the marriage. no body knew how bad things were going. it is harder to smile infront of everybody than to weep in loneliness…..I suffered in silence all the misbehaviour and the physical and mental issues my husband had, for quite some time just not to break the vow in marriage and for the sake of my thaali. Later separation became inevitable and with heart breaking pain we separated. but now, i accepted the fate and am coming back to my normal life, realizing that how good that decision was, lest i would have missed the normal life of a human being.

    I am sure the whole malayalee community will be there with you, because we all know, how serious you were about your marriage. It is a fact that still MOST of the malayalee girls try their level best to keep their thali intact. still if the marriage lacks sincerity, it is better we decide to suffer the pain of separation which is rather temporary. this is not the end of the world.

    if you really really are struggling, (i dont know if u are or not), and think a reunion is impossible, think at large, for the coming 50 years rather than just about the present. these bad days will go, always be sure that there will be a person on earth to give back your love one day… ,…..

    only very nasty people comment bad about this personal issue of yours , do you know why, they are fortunate enough to get at least average partners and donot know how painful it is to stay in a totally insincere marriage…

    i hope you will read this,,,,,

    my sincere prayers for you…

  40. Realitychecker says

    She is a beautiful woman. As we know beauty has nothing to do with maintaining positive relationships.

  41. reemon says

    Still dont know the truth behind this news..hope its not truth .., and if it is , I would suggets this as yet another classic example of an arranged marriage disaster . Poor Kavya deserves a better life , so i wish she will get rid of lunatics and come back to her life and career stongly . All the best kavya !!

  42. eni says

    I read a few Indian news articles on Kavya’s divorce and I was really annoyed to find that the general tone was almost disapproving.

    As a malayalee, I have watched many of Kavya’s movies and think she’s very talented. She comes across as a nice person too.
    I’m glad she didn’t try to stick it out with someone who was making her unhappy and wasn’t man enough to accept her having a career. Hope she finds someone more deserving of her.

  43. santhosh says

    The news of Kavya Madhavan’s Marriage issues is a miserable thing. The reason is that they are from different family backgrounds and from different castes, ie, one from upper caste and she is from OBC caste and she was native of Neeleshwarm a northern district Kasargod. So the cultural atmosphere and slang of language also different. So there is no wonder what happened to her.

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