Kavya Madhavan’s Life In Shambles Because Of Greed?

Kayva Madhaven

Not long ago Everything-PR News did a story about budding BollyWood actress Kavya Madhavan apparently seeking a divorce after only 6 months of marriage. To be honest, I was actually stunned by the number of people who responded to that post, mostly in support of the lovely actress. Since then, there has been so much speculation about the real reasons behind the breakup between Kavya and her husband Nishal Chandra. Though Kavya has not come forward to express her side of the story, it is becoming clear that the marriage may have been doomed from the start.

From accusations that Kavya had nude photos surface, to insistence the actress was somehow unstable, and allegations that her career was more important than her marriage, there has been no end to the guessing game that ensues when things like this happen. Some new ideas have emerged however, which if not substantiated do somehow seem to fit the situation better than any other speculation. According to OneIndia, which has reported on this more than any other publication, Kavya was caught in the middle of a greedy game of subservience which led ultimately to here balking at the marriage.

Kavya Madhavan's Life In Shambles everything-prAccording to many reports, Nishal Chandra (left) and his family made some pretty Machiavellian demands on the young actress. One report especially rings more true than the rest. According to this news, Nishal and his family demanded upwards of $1million dollars and two houses which Kavya owned in order to sanctity the marriage. Accordingly she agreed based on an agreement between the Chandra’s allowing Kavya’s parents to remain in one of the houses, paying the family over time. I the end the Chandras demanded her parents move, which appeared to cause the actress to stand her ground. It was at this point Kavya supposedly decided to end the marriage, unwilling to abandon her obligation to her parents. For my part, looks may not be decieving for this couple. Chandra

Kavya Madhavan's Life In Shambles everything-prFurther evidence, though circumstantial, surfaced suggesting that rather than opposing Kavya’s continued acting career, Nishal and his family supposedly actually demanded her continuing her acting. When Kavya balked at this idea instead of carrying on as a devoted wife, her new family demanded she seek other sources of income. If these stories are true, well, I feel pretty bad for the talented star. Think about it, you have a dream of getting married and being happy, only to find you are thought of as some kind of work horse for your in laws. I cannot begin to understand, and I will not ever criticize a culture anywhere, but a system that forces people into subservience cannot go unscathed when stories like this emerge.

This explanation for what happened to Kavya’s marriage makes one heck of a lot more sense than nude photos (which have never been released), her desire to act rather than be a wife (which obviously she was more than willing to do), or any other explanation. All I can say is I hope she comes out of this smelling like a rose, and that if the Chandras are as mercenary as they appear, that this will be revealed too. Stay tuned for later developments.


  1. prof dr t m saratchandraprasad panicker says

    for years kavya madhavan has been accused of being sexually involved with her dileepettan ,now that she is legally married to him ,all well that ends well hope kavya settles down this time inspite of the fact that dileep has a daughter meenakshi from manju warrier,kavyas plus point is that meenakshi took the initiative to ge kavya married to dilip ,and geniuinely one and all concerned appeared relieved and happy ,may god give them a happy and prosperous married life,i honestly feel sorry for poor manjuwarrier ,hope she is able to rebuild her life and career,kindest regards ,prof dr t m saratchandraprasad panicker medical directorand prof of clinical cardiology s m memorial superspeciality centres and president s m memorial global ventures,if i have made any comments about the gulf malayalee ,it is because i have found some of them to be avaricious trying to sell off bor appropriate what belongs to the girl,i for one would never go to work there nor associte with the so called arabs/middle eastern tribe in any manner

  2. dr saratchandraprasad panicker says

    all this could be bullshit,probably kavya is a country bum and asking for 5oo sovereigns,2 houses and a 10 lakh car is nothing in keralafrom a film actress ,especially if you want to marry a man employed in a high paying job especially in a country like kuwait,women need to be better informed as life styles, habits, tastes and breeding differs from man to man,premarital conditions should and must be asked for as marriage is also a contract between two persons ,though there may be other people involved like m in law relatives ,finlaw,binlaw and finally s in law,kindest regards,prof dr t m saratchandraprasad panicker med director and profof clinical cardiology

  3. Dim says

    Not sure how many of you had noticed this.Soon after kavya got married , in her wikipedia was updated with the details of husband(which is understandable) , but the funny part is the
    full name of her Mother in law and father in law and their details was also provided. As if she got married from nehru family or something :)- Could just sense their quench for publicity.

    N Chandra married Kavya only for 2 things – Money [ by making her act in more movies even if she’s unwilling ) + Fame/ [ one thing that they could never get , Now hope they got what they need ]


    Don’t worry kavya . At the end of the day god is great and will surely reward you for what life made you go through.


    In my opinion, while searching for a bride or bridegroom, must look the following things :
    1) family background
    2) education
    3) physical match

    In this case, Kavya is a village girl and keeping moral values .
    but for nishal is an engineer and born and brought up in Kuwait and their social status is very high than kavya’s family as they are belongs to Nileshewaram, which is considered as ” Nattumpuram” . Even she was from cochin , she can tolerate with nishal’s parents.We are only watching her acting only in the canvass. in her real life , she is an innocent under graduate girl.
    more over, the family of nishal chandran selected kavya for getting a huge dowry otherwise they will choose an educated professional bride . After marriage, they understood that either kavya is not willing to act , nor she is not willing to handover her property. Kavya and her parents misunderstood nishal . Actually, he doesnot want a devoted wife….in the new society, money,fame,all are need.
    so, in my opinion, kavya have her own way in her life …..this is a lesson to all. she can either select a person who knows her fully.from the film field…like parvathy, samyuktha,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    after viewing nischal’s photo, I guess he is an alchoholic person….but for kavya, these new circumstances, she cannot tolerate as she is a village girl with good moral values. I am praying for her peace of mind. we all like her . poor girl.

    • loner says

      yeah dats y he is happily married and settled now… and ur village grl who once claimed that dileep is like her father, got married to him…. now it makes sense why she didnt lik the idea of being in marriage vd nishal.

  5. Really Sad says

    Kudos to you phil – for your hardwork . I don’t know kavya personally but i do have sisters. Kavya dear, please stay strong.

    I feel that there’s a very HIGH probability of your story to be true.Same things have happened with Nishal’s elder brother’s wifey.
    He married from a very wealthy family based in kerala and still was harrasing her to no end. The last heard was that she’s in some
    gulf country(ofocurse with her hubby) , with no contact to her family / parents /friends.They did the same with her as well – Isolation after taking all assets. The thing with this Chandra family is that they treat girl’s like slaves.Who on earth can do that? Act so uncivilized….Kashtam!

    Who will live a life with no social contact with the rest of the world.Heard that nishal’s elder bro’s wife is a very sweet girl and since they have a kid she’s staying back. WTF???
    I am very sure she might not be even reading any of these forums – all i can think of her life is like staying in a prison. Kavya was there watching all this right. She understood what’s in store for her. In a way it’s good. Nobody knew the sufferings of the ordinary people, due to kavya’s episode atleast the ‘real color’ of the chandra’s will be known to the outer world.

    Message to Nishal : Kavya is long gone. Her parents will worry abt her future now. Please either DON’t marry and ruin another girl’s life. If at all you decide to marry , get a spine first and remember that MOM and WIFE are different and each one should be treated with dignity and repect . How can you stoop this low ?What did you learn after studying all these years? Do you believe in karma? If so, run , run for your life and start correcting your mistakes. Last but not the least, Keep yourself away from your MOM. Look what she did to you and your Bro’s life – I know it’s like pouring water in to a broken vessel…still worth a try , right nishal?

    Message to Nishal’s brother: Take care of your wife and kid. I sincerly hope and pray that you are treating her well now. If not, remember bad karma.
    Keep away from your mom.Remember what you do to your wife today, same some one will do to your kid tomorrow. Then , only then you’ll realize .
    Please realize before it’s too late and Please keep yourself away from all those people who influence you negatively – Yes , your mom.

  6. says

    I am just a PhD student in USA.
    I wish Kavya overcomes this pretty soon.
    I had an intuition that it will end up like this from the day of their marriage.
    If I had a decent job, i would have marrried her right away. not kidding :)
    Dont worry u will get some nice guy ok !!!
    keep smiling…


    • Koodhiq says

      What has your fricking PhD got to do with commenting on the personal life of a Bollywood actress? Are you fishing for some potential partners who would swoon on your doctoral studies? Rather than focus on the major task at hand, dreaming of marrying an actress is symptomatic of a loser.

  7. says

    Are you sure it is 1 million dollars ? It must be 1 million rupees.
    Good to see that you are following up. Looks like you have a genuine interest in India related matters. Amazing.

    • Phil Butler says

      Hi Kutty. Yes, we have many friends in India and the news from there is almost always interesting and to a degree under covered. As for the supposed demand, it was in sovereigns, and I believe the amount was something like 500 of them. Transposed into Us dollars that would be something over $1 million US if I am right. As for the houses, I tried to find pictures of them, but could not.

      Please let me know if I am wrong, but a million rupees is like demanding a Walmart gift certificate if I am not wrong :)


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