Kenya Needs Milk Branding Help

Kenya Needs Milk Branding Help

TechnoServe is an international, non-profit economic development organization founded in 1968 out of a conviction that a vibrant private sector is an essential foundation for economic growth and poverty reduction. TechnoServe undertakes targeted, catalytic technical assistance and other programming to increase the competitiveness of entrepreneurs, businesses and industries that in-turn provide sustainable employment, inclusion of the poor and increased incomes. For more information, visit

Over the past four (4) years Technoserve’s Agribusiness Development Program (ADP), has been working as a facilitator of market system change. The Program has sought to understand the root causes and inefficiencies that continue to plague the dairy value chain. This has continuously yielded learnings through dialogue with players up and down the value chain, developing new concepts, seeking local market actors to test them, adapting or discarding those interventions that don’t hold promise for crowding in multiple market actors.

TechnoServe is leveraging on past experience in market system development and relationships with market actors, to implement the Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) project funded by USAID through the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). AVCD’s project objectives are; increasing milk productivity and enhancing market orientation, reaching 20,000 cattle keepers, on average 10 producer groups in each project county and 100 small and medium scale private enterprises.

The AVCD dairy project is being implemented in Western, Coast and Eastern parts of the Country where overall, productivity is constrained by: low quality of dairy breeds; unavailability of quality feed and water; poor animal husbandry; lack of storage and processing facilities and; poor linkages between smallholder dairy farmers and markets.


It is proposed that the contactor will work with milk traders in the target milk traders groups to assist in the development of a marketing plan and remodeling of a business premises where there will be a trader group bulking and pasteurization facility. These initiatives will be the a vital step in accelerating the group towards the next level in compliance to Kenya Dairy Board and Public Health standards by adopting innovations in milk bulking, processing and dispensing.


Scope of work

The following activities will be carried out under this scope of work:

  1. Design and re-modeling of the location which will include developing a creative and fun brand experience and in shop displays & outlook.
  2. Assist in the development of a marketing strategy with practical strategies and tactics that will help in the roll out of the services from the pasteurization platform that will be acquired soon as well as the milk retailing strategies.

Proposal due by October 6 to:


1 Mechanic Street

Norwalk, CT 06850

Tel: +1 203 852 0377

Tel: +1 800 999 6757

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