Ron Culp of Ketchum Is Guiding the Career in Public Relations

ketchum public relationsIf you ever looked for a career mentor who best personifies all the traits of an excellent PR professional, Ron Culp should be atop of your list. Ron Culp is Partner & Managing Director at Ketchum Midwest, but we have invited Ron to Everything PR as a career advisor for those readers seeking career guidance from one of the best.

The man behind Culpwrit, a new publication dedicated to helping budding new professionals, Ron offers up his own valuable time to help others along the path. You might not be familiar with the site, if you are not a PR aspirant, but the career advice at Culpwrit applies for many other professions as well – so you should definitely add the site to your list of resources. From tips to help you searching for a job to advice on how to avoid online job scammers, Culpwrit covers basically everything you need to know to pursue your career.

Ron Culp Ketchum PR

We asked Ron a few questions to introduce readers to him and his private PR endeavors, and here are Ron’s first testimonies – as he will follow up soon, with a guest post for our readers too.

Everything PR: Why did you start Culpwrit and how was the brand born?

Ron Culp: I have mentored many young people over the years. As popularity of blogging grew, I realized a blog might allow me to help more than a couple dozen individuals a year. I bounced the idea off of our interns, and they enthusiastically embraced the concept, and helped brainstorm desired content and voice. One of them, Kevin Saghy, came up with the name.

EPR: Who is Culpwrit for, what are the main topics covered?

Ron Culp: Culpwrit seeks to provide guidance to young people pursuing careers in public relations. From time to time, I enlist colleagues and friends to write guest posts about topics that will be helpful as aspiring PR professionals launch job searches and their careers. Popular topics have been Career Capsules, which are “reverse resumes” of senior people in PR–beginning with their first-ever job and building through bullet points to what they are doing today. Job Search and Career topics also are popular, especially anything that relates to digital/social media.

EPR: What do you hope to achieve with this site?

Ron Culp: Since I often thought I wanted to teach at the college level, Culpwrit has given me the “classroom” without the strict class schedule that would be difficult to fit into my constantly changing work routine. May sound a bit corny, but my ultimate goal is to help strengthen the PR profession–not a bad legacy for someone who has been practicing the profession for nearly 40 years.

We come across many fine experts in the PR, marketing, advertising and media fields, but none more genuine and kind that this 40 year veteran of public communication. Words like professional, expert, genuine and “real” are fired like cannon fodder at the waiting reader these days, but for Ron Culp even these acknowledgments do not seem enough. In an industry that lives and breathes on perception, ideals and ideas, there is no greater reward than to find people who actually give of themselves. Ron Culp is what he appears to be, a gentleman.


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    Thanks Mig..

    I agree with Laura above about universities being behind. I was recently talking to a friend who teaches PR at the local university and was shocked to learn that I was involved in social media more than they did. I’d love to hear how to leverage social media in PR as well.


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    Thanks for highlighting the accomplishments of this PR professional.

    I’d love to hear Ron’s perspective on the future role of social media in public relations, and specifically on how social media public relations experts can be effectively trained. It seems the colleges and universities are always one step behind what really works.

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    Mihaela – great interview, and, as someone who relied on Ron’s keen counsel in the past, all your descriptions are true. He’s a solid citizen and quite well-respected.

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