Kioky Makes Protecting Your iPhone, iTouch Touchscreen A Cinch

We can all remember the days of the Nokia 5100 of the early 90’s.  I remember stealing my Dads, paging my girlfriend, and then quickly calling the weatherman [222-2222] from under my covers so the phone wouldn’t ring when she called back.  (Don’t ask me why I didn’t just put the phone on vibrate.)  Nokia, old, cell phone, mobile phoneFast forward to today, and Apple has changed the name of the game.  Touch screens are to this generation of teenagers, what the Nokia 5100 was to mine.  And what Kioky has created for the Apple iPhone/iTouch products, is pretty freaking sweet.

Kioky has developed the worlds first Patent Pending “Perfect Fit Technology” applicator. It makes installing any of the top end quality screen protectors they have onto your Apple iPhone/iTouch a cinch. In a matter of seconds you go from unprotected screen, to protected, all with the help of the patent pending applicator. Kioky’s website says it best:

Great technology is simple to use…and we believe your protection should be as well.

image credit: gadgetmac, Kioky, iPhone, iTouch
Kioky got started as a simple problem needs solution scenario. The idea came from the inventor Ray Victors. He wasted a lot of money on screen protection. So he set out to solve the worlds problem of miss aligned screen protectors on iDevices. Screen protectors aren’t anything new however the Kioky Perfect Fit Screen applicator is a game changer. The unique applicator eliminates bubbles, off-center screen protector placement, and those annoying corner peal ups that begin to happen 2-3 months after applying.

Long story short, the ease of this patent pending applicator won over our hearts. My six year old nephew could do it, and he did – first time and in under one minute. While screen protectors and the technology to apply them are nothing new, Kioky hit a home-run with this applicator. The coupe de grace, I had the pleasure of meeting (virtually) Justin Brackett, a partner at Kioky. As I mentioned previously, my nephew was able to do it first time — I however wasn’t. But with a quick tweet, a Skype call same day, and Justin had me rocking and rolling.

Kioky is on until 3:51p on Feb 6th (Superbowl Sunday). You can donate $15 and get a Kioky for free…saving off of the $24.95/$29.95 price point depending which product you purchase. If you have an iPhone/iTouch, I am 100% confident that this product is worth the purchase, at whichever price point your grab it at. If you have an iPad, you should head over to the Kioky page on to help them launch their iPad applicator too.

This is a product you’ll be tweeting #FTW in no time. Oh yea, and if all else fails, Kioky offers a life-time guarantee.
[*Kikoy packaging image credit to gadgetmac*]

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