Kwittken PR: Stay Far Away

2018-05-21 by JamesD

Kwittken PR: Stay Far Away

Kwittken is a global PR brand and strategy agency that brings an interdisciplinary and creative approach to communications and marketing. Synthesizing some of the most powerful elements of influencer engagement, PR, digital media, and social media together, this company helps clients to demonstrate their best selves to their target audience.

Kwittken say that its their mission to give their clients the fresh thinking and innovative insights that create value through unique communications and brand engagement strategies. They help their clients to articulate their message in an authentic and consistent manner.

Leadership and Clients:

As CEO and Founder, Aaron Kwittken brought this agency to life in 2005, following a rapid introduction into the global PR world. Since the company began, it’s been one of the most compelling and fastest-growing PR companies in the US. In fact, this brand has earned the award of Agency of the Year several times in a row, and it’s also one of the best places to work too.

Aaron believes in creating a culture of constant growth and learning in his PR agency, which focuses on serving clients from a range of sectors, including women’s health, luxury, retail, professional services, insurance, and many more. Some clients known for working with Kwittken in recent years include Frog Design, PURE Insurance, Deloitte, Pantone, and many more.

Perks and Problems:

As an employer Kwittken offers a solid growth environment for their staff, complete with plenty of opportunities to thrive in the PR industry. Because the firm represents various large global brands, people working within the team have a unique opportunity to work on some very impressive projects, with team members from a range of different backgrounds.

However, although the company uses a great deal of time and effort to build a strong culture for workers, it’s worth noting that some people feel that the community is hard to fit into. As is the case with many agencies, some people will fit better into this environment than others.


As a boutique agency, Kwittken strives to offer all of the best elements of big PR professionalism, combined with the flexibility, industry knowledge and entrepreneurial nature of a boutique company. The teams created to deal with client projects at Kwittken are specifically chosen to address the unique requirements of the clients in question, with insight-driven design processes, planning, and measurements.

Along with a proprietary planning process for each client, Kwittken offers a range of fantastic services, including research and insights, event planning and management, Asset production and development, Engagement strategies and brand integration, as well as crisis management.

Getting a Job with Kwittken:

The Kwittken team describe themselves as a creative group of designers, media specialists, writers, and marketers ready to tell stories and engage with the public on the behalf of their customers. These experts know how to engage the right market for their clients, and they encourage other aspiring agents to get in touch and browse through their career page if they’re interested in joining the team.