Going Gaga Over Lady Gaga this Halloween

Lady Gaga Halloween

If you are following Everything PR’s Spook Twenty Ten, you know that we made a pledge to give you the best Halloween coverage in the world. We are already receiving news tips and ideas. Yesterday a tip from a Rubie’s fan, told us that Lady Gaga is the single most popular costume sold by the company in over 50 years of existence.

“As a personality, Lady Gaga is the single most popular costume we’ve sold for adults in our 59 years in business,” Howard Beige, Rubie’s Costume Co. CEO said in a statement.

The outfits sell for under $50 at Amazon, and the company expects to sell at least one million Lady Gaga items by this Halloween. With items available at US national retailers like Walmart, Kmart, Target, and Toys”R”Us and over 100 online retailers, the one million goal doesn’t seem out of reach. Add to it a good PR campaign, and you might get a double number, especially since Lady Gaga’s fans wear such apparel in many other occasions.

But Rubie’s doesn’t focus on PR. The company with the license to make Lady Gaga costumes and accessories is counting more on word of mouth than new-age PR strategies, and it’s probably a major loss for the company. Lady Gaga has almost seven million followers on Twitter, and her Facebook page has about twenty million fans. Imagine a Halloween PR campaign, or even an advertising campaign, aimed at these fans! Rubie’s is missing an opportunity. If the company decides to employ Facebook and Twitter to boost sales, they are sure in for a Guinness World Records achievement.

Amanda Silverman of 42 West has long served as the publicist for Lady Gaga.

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