Lady Gaga, A Real Star Is Not Just a PR Product

Lady Gaga PublicistIf anyone into the music scene ever wondered what the 21st Century version of Madonna might look like, she has apparently arrived. Lady Gaga is in the news again today after having rocked Singapore to its core yesterday. It was just another stop on her way to the stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, but in reality nothing the sensation rigged Pop bimbo does is exactly what one would call ordinary. Regardless of all other appearances, Lady Gaga has her leather gauntlet on the pulse of her audience. In today’s music world just having talent and revealing a cute belly button (even one with a ring in it) does not cut it for superstars. If you think PR hype is all there is, think again.

Whether artists like Lady Gaga (if there are any) are your cup of tea or not, one thing is sure, POP is about giving people what they want. Madonna and a few others figured this recipe for success like Barnum and Bailey did for circus entertainment back in the day, and now a new generation of talent is emerging. Sure, there have always been those that “pushed’ the envelope of acceptable with some success, but Lady Gaga has bid the edge adios with a hardy hi oh silver.

The “lady” is nominated 9 times in the upcoming MTV Video Awards, and if anyone has ever hit the music world from so many angles, it is news to me. From challenging Beyonce to her standard “shock” tactics, with no less than 100 stories a minute churning out of Google news, Lady Gaga has the “hype” machine running on all cylinders. But, there is something else going on with this work of rocking and rolling art in motion. As one writer and music critic suggested earlier today, it is talent, and not the raw kind either.

gaga public relationsOkay, like many of you Lady Gaga’s over the top risque persona leaves a little to be desired in the “classy” act department. But face it, today’s music fans are not exactly looking for Celine Dion are they? If anyone does not agree me my concessions to the effect that Lady Gaga is the next Madonna, consider this. If you were going to become a Pop icon, what kind of package would you have to put together these days to do it? A great voice and a nice body? A great voice, a great body, blond bimbo hair, and a video production company? What combination would be needed. Everything Madonna had but more? Exactly. Well, the “more” part is resident in Lady Gaga in the “sex sells” tray of the Pop star toolbox.

lady gaga prIn a way this whole MTV generation and music in general has gotten a little sad. It is no longer really so much about the music as it is “packaging” and selling the other aspects of celebrity. For this writer, it would be interesting and entertaining to see Lady Gaga sitting on a piano looking nothing more than sensual, singing something rich and soulful.

I know, a diversion from reality, but somehow she (like Madonna) seems like the type that could pull it off. I do not often buy into the hype about such celebrities, and Lady Gaga is certainly a little bit of a difficult pill to swallow for a conservative fellow, but then there is credit where credit is due. For this music generation, Lady Gaga (or someone like her) will probably rule the roost. It is not a bad thing at all, but I do wonder where the end of sexuality meets music is?

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