Lauren Imparato and the Perfect Career Path for Investment Bankers

Lauren Imparato

Morgan Stanley executive sets standard for Wall Street and finds a new job, teaching her hedge fund contemporaries Yoga.

At a time when most Wall Street types have to be thinking in terms of alternate career paths, former money adviser Lauren Imparato shed her dark pin striped suits for Lycra to make her living off the sharks she formerly traded currencies with. Apparently, Imparato took up Yoga as a hobby, which soon turned into a lifestyle. Forming a company called I.AM.YOU, Imparato supposedly saw the financial potential of a Yoga stable for edgy brokers and decided to make the jump.

We have cried, whimpered, screamed, begged, and battered about Wall Street and its involvement in the current world economic crisis. Though some appear to be listening, no one seems to know exactly what to say about these foxes in the hen house. This latest news just makes me wonder what other “profitable” careers are out there for these people. The news bit about Imparato sort of paints this poor lot of over worked investment types as so in need of the relaxing effects of Yoga, one almost bleeds for their suffering. In the case of Imparato, keeping a low profile is not exactly on her agenda.

Apparently Imparato had made enough working for MS to have a tidy savings to live off of so she could launch here new enterprise. Well, and travel to Turkey to have some classes there perhaps. These terminologies for the well to do, they just stagger me. I am just getting by! This must be nice news for everyone out there who lost every dime they ever made investing in hedge funds. With her new business steaming full ahead, and her former employer even throwing business her way in the form of “moral boosting” sessions for their employees, the 28 year old Princeton grad appears to have found a niche coddling the well to do (well to do with your money) of New York’s financial districts. If you are still wondering at this story, or at how people on Wall Street are coping, a quote from Imparato herself might push you to the brink of visualization.

“I want to say, ‘I am you and you can be anyone you want to be. Let’s try to find who you really are. And maybe it’s a little bit of everything.”

Well, if that mantra doesn’t make you want to sign up, check out Imparato’s new site where even more tantalizing an ethereal ideology is focused on the desperate throng over stressed out money mongers. I know, I sound caustic as heck, but can you live with this really? People without jobs, some starving, no hope in sight, and Goldman Sachs execs stretching out in their Yoga outfits focused on themselves to the point of personal intimacy, only to go back to the office and figure out new ways to circumvent the system.

Imparato vie IAMYOU Facebook - Coast of Turkey no less.

Imparato vie IAMYOU Facebook – Coast of Turkey no less.

Well, I honestly do admire entrepreneurial spirit, and if Miss Imparato can get these remora to fork over dough for lessons, at least someone is benefiting I guess. I only wish someone would come up with guilt classes so that these people could relieve their stress by confessional or something. As for the other investment types looking to head away from that industry, perhaps used car sales would be a good choice, at least there no one would expect honesty. Images of Imparato were taken from her website and the new company Facebook pages. As always, tell us your thoughts.

In case you feel stressed over this, we will be coming out soon with a self help kit for those effected by this bad economy. It will include little dolls dressed in Armani to look like Wall Street tycoons, the effigies come equipped with stainless needles for poking the “Ken like” figures, miniature ropes for hanging and other means of expression, and of course a convenient dart board attachment for the sports minded. Testimonials for I.AM.YOU can also be found at Social Workout if you can stand the talk of broken nails, and exercising until people actually perspire.