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2017-11-28 by John Goode

Heaven knows the world we live in requires very strong crisis PR managers. Here are some of the top PR crisis management agencies in the US and what they each do especially well.

Sitrick & Company – Michael S. Sitrick

Considered by many to be the top crisis communications PR firm in the US, Sitrick & Company has offices in New York City, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Founded by and led by Michael S. Sitrick, they tend to work most often with Fortune 500 companies and high net-worth individuals and entities on the West Coast. It is a full-service agency, but the strongest sale of what they do is always in dealing with crisis situations. Michael Sitrick often works his “dark arts” in situations where clients have problems with reputation management, mergers, acquisitions and restructurings, short-sellers, and clients in the middle of sensitive issues. One client’s general counsel sent Mr. Sitrick an email stating: “You saved the company, literally.”

His bills are generally very high six figures and only right for blue chip of blue chip companies, or West Coast entities.

Hiltzik Strategies – Matt Hiltzik

Matthew Hiltzik has a law degree and has worked with politicians early in his career before moving on to Miramax where he worked as head of corporate communications. Ultimately he started his own firm, Hiltzik Strategies, in 2008. The company is most often associated with celebrities and other high-profile individuals. Who have they repped? Well, here’s just a few of the recent people he’s worked with – Ryan Lochte (during the scandal at the 2016 Summer Olympics), Brad Pitt, Glenn Beck, Justin Bieber, Alec Baldwin, and Harvey Weinstein. It’s a good bet that if a high-profile individual is in the middle of a crisis that needs help with their approach to the media, Matt Hiltzik could easily be in the mix.

5WPR – Ronn Torossian

5W Public Relations is based in New York and is a full-service agency. But they are top-notch in crisis efforts for their clients who tend to be those who find themselves in a national crisis, are people living or from New York or acting with law firms providing them support where there are high-profile court cases for mutual clients. They have expertise with many different types of crisis management including IPOs, product recalls, environmental issues, trade disputes, executive-related scandals, sexual harassment, and more. 5WPR can also help reverse the negative tide on digital and SEO.

This is a very strong agency where aggressive crisis action is needed. Retainers for crisis projects are believed to start around $10,000.

Kekst and Company

Kekst’s CEO/President is Jeremy Fielding and when it comes to crisis situations, they bring experience with strategic communications, especially working with those in charge of major organizations, including senior management and Board of Directors. They believe they can help their clients to maneuver through a crisis so they can come out in a better place than before the crisis at the end. They aim to strengthen every area of the organization’s dealings with the public. The agency was founded nearly 50 years ago, and some of the clients they have represented include Citigroup, Chrysler, Anheuser-Busch, and McGraw-Hill.

Depending on the crisis depends on what kind of managers are needed.

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