Leff & Associates Agency Profile


A lesson to be learned from the pandemic is the importance of communications, especially with the news media. In this fast-moving world, it is more important than ever. That’s one of the specialties of Leff & Associates, a highly respected public relations and communications firm based in Atlanta. 

Founded by Mitch Leff, a PR veteran of 30 years, the firm has a reputation for being Atlanta’s most effective media specialist. As its President and CEO, the agency has successfully served well-known clients like Coca Cola, AOL, the National Football League, Time Warner and UPS, to name a few. Leff previously enjoyed success at Edelman Public Relations, the GCI Group and Turner Broadcasting before starting his own company in 2003.

Leff & Associates also serves clients in many other sectors. These include nonprofits, business-to-business, professional services, entertainment, and consumer products.

In addition to media training, other services offered by Leff & Associates include strategic public relations, public affairs, program development, and crisis communications. Media training is particularly critical for the latter.

An active member of the community, Leff serves as a board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta. He has also given his time and services to their marketing committee since 1990. Leff is a member of the Atlanta Press Club and Public Relations Society of America. 

Media Services

Once a company spokesperson makes a guffaw on television or in print, it’s nearly impossible to retract and recover from. Even repeating part of a negatively worded question in one’s response like, “No, I’m not beating up my dog,” psychologically reinforces negativity to many television viewers. This kind of negativity can be greatly amplified during a crisis.

Appropriately called “Hitting the Mark,” Leff & Associates’ media training prepares clients to successfully deliver their messages. It keys in on three areas. Each is customized based on their client’s comfort level and previous media experiences. One of their key objectives is to build confidence among their clients so they’re able to deliver messages succinctly and with impact. Through Leff’s interactive training, the final aim is to challenge executives in a safe environment while preparing them to manage any type of interview situation. 

Leff also leveraged his participation with the press club to create a popular and meaningful feature, “4 Questions Journalist Spotlight.” In collaboration with Atlanta Daybook, a news release distribution service, the agency spotlights an Atlanta journalist every Thursday. Not only do the interviews give readers a behind the scenes look at the reporters who cover their city, but it also displays a human side to them. Doing this also makes the connection between Leff and the media even closer and trusting.

Two other novel and popular services offered by Leff & Associates are Mitch’s Media Match and Leff’s Atlanta Media. For an annual fee, Mitch’s Media Match serves as a clearing house by connecting Atlanta journalists with expert business and professional sources in the area. Leff’s Atlanta Media is an up-to-date directory of Atlanta journalists. Included with both subscriptions is Mitch’s Media Musings, a monthly roundup about the journalists who covered major stories.

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