Levick Communications & Levick PR

Levick Communications & Levick PR

Levick are a leading public relations firm known for establishing trust for their clients and protecting company reputations. Through a strategy that involves matching customers uniquely skilled teams, Levick ensures that all of their clients have the influence and experience they need to accomplish incredible things in their chosen industry – regardless of how complicated the communication marketplace becomes.

Leadership and Clients:

Established by Richard S Levick, this PR company has achieved a new standard of success in brand protection and global communications strategy. As a well-respected spokesperson and thought leader in the marketing world, Richard Levick has brought his expertise and background into the growth of his agency over the years.

The Levick agency seems to work well in high-pressure situations and sensitive industry environments. With their top-notch level of expertise, the company ensures that today’s organisations can identify the solutions they need to some of their most pressing problems. Industries served include aviation, banking, defense, energy, foreign governments, and food. Clients include brands like Virginia Tech, Penn State, and so on.

Perks and Problems:

Whether you’re an employee just starting off in the PR world or you have a storied history in dealing with communications and crisis management, Levick believes in giving their employees plenty of opportunities to shine. Over the years, the company has seen some rough waters and turnover, but the problems are now starting to balance themselves out.

Benefits offered to employees include solutions like life insurance, health insurance, and disability insurance, as well as retirement plans and investment options. Though they’ve lost some of their team over the last couple of years, the business is still growing.


In a wide spectrum of industries, Levick helps their clients to communicate responsibility, safety, and connections to the communities in which they operate. Over the years, they’ve helped clients win ballot initiatives, engage emerging markets, and connect with consumers and shareholders in important conversations that develop their business.

Levick’s team prides themselves on offering a wide variety of services that span all the way from issue campaign management, to media relations, mergers and acquisitions, business and intelligence solutions, crisis response, and grassroots engagement campaigns.

Getting a Job with Levick:

Levick offers professionals a chance to get involved with a company where no two days are ever alike. Because this company works with some of the most diverse and challenging communications projects in the market, they allow PR agents the chance to expand their skills in a relentlessly challenging but always interesting environment. Those interested in getting a job with Levick can send their cover letter and resume to the company’s career page.

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