LinkedIn Is Rolling Out New Profile Layouts

It’s been a while since LinkedIn announced the next generation LinkedIn Profile back in October, at a press conference today at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. The new profiles are being rolled out, however on an invitation-based system.

LinkedIn sample profile.

Thought leaders and other personalities are already enjoying the advantages of having an enhanced profile, but it will take a while till the new design affects all the 175 million members of the network. The new design is supposed to help your profile make a powerful first impression and showcase your skills and accomplishments more clearly. There are also significant UI updates, to make you take full advantage of the new profiles, including inline editing.

The new profile shows you rich visual insights on the people and companies in your network, helping you discover people outside your network and quickly establish common ground to make more meaningful connections.

The profiles are supposed to deliver more advantages for LinkedIn users:

“We want to ensure that LinkedIn is working for our members — even when they’re not online,” explained Deep Nishar, senior vice president of products and user experience at LinkedIn.

This is not the only change implemented by LinkedIn this year. The network has changed its homepage layout earlier this year, got a new design for its news page in July, and added notification alerts in September. Since early October, you can follow the likes of Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Caterina Fake, Craig Newmark, President Barack Obama, Governor Mitt Romney, and many more. To become a thought leader, you’ll need to apply on LinkedIn’s Influencer program.

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