Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates Profile: A Subpar Agency

2018-07-19 by JamesD

Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates Profile: A Subpar Agency

Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates, or LHA is a in our opinion subpar public relations firm specializing in the management of investor relationship services. The solutions that Lippert/ Heilshorn & Associates provide for their customers range all the way from strategic counselling and marketing intelligence, to crisis management and IPO consultancy. LHA also offers corporate communication services and media relation solutions for clients of its core investor relations business.

Leadership and Clients

Ever since it’s launch in 1984 LHA has offered investor relations solutions throughout the United States. LHA assembles teams of experts to work alongside each client individually – so that everyone gets a bespoke approach to their business needs.

Keith Lippert is the co-founding partner of LHA. Over the years, Lippert has built a professional and industry-leading reputation as one of the nation’s most well-respected strategists for foreign, private and public growth companies. Along with his co-founding partner John Heilshorn, Keith has offered exceptional counsel to thousands of organizations all the way from micro-cap solutions to large-cap groups.

Around the world, LHA has a reputation as one of the premier investor relations companies and they’re a pioneer in their field. Keith has played a significant role in helping LHA to grow thanks to his strong relationships with C-Suite clients and 30 years of communication experience. Clients on the LHA portfolio include Knobias, Nasdaq, Santarus, and Alaska Communications.

Perks and Problems

LHA represents itself as a leader in the world of investor relations for companies of all shapes and sizes. After thirty years in the industry it’s built a reputation for great work with its clients. However, the company’s reputation isn’t so good when it comes to employment and employee care. Reviews relating to the company are mixed, with many former employees saying that while clients are interesting, and the compensation is good, the business doesn’t respect its staff.

Lippert/ Heilshorn Services

LHA consists of a team full of experts and specialists passionate about the world of investor relations and the success of the company’s clients. The staff in LHA has skills to offer in a range of different environments, including telecom, media, technology, healthcare, industrial, and financial services sector. In terms of services, LHA can offer a broad range of solutions for their clients, including reputation management and crisis communications, transaction support, IR counselling, media relations and infrastructure support. LHA also provides market intelligence services such as investment community targeting and retail stockbroker outreach programs.