Liz Kaplow and Richard Levick: PR CEO’s

Richard Levick

Two of the biggest names in the PR industry, Liz Kaplow, and Richard Levick founded Kaplow Communications and Levick Communications. They control two of the fastest growing PR companies in the New York Metro area and spearhead some of the biggest media campaigns in the country.

Liz Kaplow

Liz Kaplow

Founding Kaplow PR in 1991, Liz Kaplow’s leadership led to successful media campaigns for clients as far reaching as Skype, The Avon Foundation, and CVS. Her success comes from a hands-on philosophy to a client-agent relationship winning her the prestigious award of Consumer Agency of the Year.

Kaplow’s presidency comes as the capstone to her education in Vasser and a successful career in beauty, fashion, consumer health, and lifestyle public relations. Her background and rapport with journalists gains her clients’ campaigns nation-wide attention.

In 2015, PR News honored Kaplow with a Top Women in PR Award, as well as a place on the list of Best Agencies to Work for from the Holmes Report.

Richard Levick

Richard Levick

Founded in 1998, Richard Levicks’ firm Levick covers high profile cases and clients such as the Wall Street Crisis, Guantanamo Bay, Ashley Madison and the Catholic Church. They specialize in crisis management and preserving reputations, winning Crisis Agency of the Year, Litigation Communications Firm of the Year and Crisis Management Campaign of the Year, as well as top honors for Public Affairs and Investor Relations, among other awards.

Richard Levick has been, according to his website, “a powerful advocate for the strategic initiatives that companies must pursue in today’s perilous environment, he regularly addresses corporate boards as well as industry and government leaders around the world, providing guidance on their most complex communications and reputation management challenges.”

Levick travels extensively serving often as a keynote speaker, and has coauthored five books: The Communicators: Leadership in the Age of Crisis; Stop the Presses; The Crisis and Litigation PR Desk Reference; 365 Marketing Meditations; and Lessons for Absent Children.

The company philosophy stresses the “urgency of now.”

“At LEVICK, we know that your future starts today, at this very moment. It may be a public crisis, a monetizing event, a reputational campaign to build market share or a decisive policy initiative. In today’s world, there’s no time for delay.”

In addition to heading Levick, Richard also sits on various boards such as World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, and, through a Joint Business Relationship, he is an integral part of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Anti-corruption Center for Excellence.

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