Lowell International Foods Hires Hanna Lee to Run PR

Lowell International Foods

Hanna Lee Communications

Hanna Lee Communications has just announced their latest addition to their client roster, Lowell International Foods. The PR agency will be working on a campaign for Lowell’s latest product, a European style yogurt. The new line of yogurts, Lowell’s European Classic(TM) Yogurts, is the newest in a line of over 2,500 products that the company imports from Europe to sell to American consumers.

“We recognized Hanna Lee Communications’ outstanding work for other clients and their track record for building brands,” said Conrad J. Lowell, President & CEO. “They have the strategies, ideas and passion to help us successfully introduce our European-style yogurts to the American consumer.”

Hanna Lee Communications is a public relations company that specializes in working with companies in the food, beverages, travel and lifestyle industries. The company is best known for its long term relationships with clients, due to the PR firm’s careful selection. They work only with companies that they feel good about promoting, so only the best companies with quality products will be selected.

Lowell International Foods has been in business since 1993 and has built up a quality listing of products, with over 300 foods being marketed under the Lowell name brand. They have hired Hanna Lee to run a year long PR campaign that will cover everything from media relations to trade shows and other promotional events.

“We’re very excited to represent these unique, top quality yogurts,” said Hanna Lee, President and Founder of Hanna Lee Communications, Inc. “Lowell yogurts are creamy, wholesome and natural. We can’t wait to promote the healthy yogurt lifestyle.”

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