Made to Stick: The Key to Smart Marketing

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others DieSimple, unexpected, concrete, credible and emotional stories. These are the six qualities of an idea that is “made to stick” according to authors Chip and Dan Heath, who apparently found the secret recipe of what it is that makes ideas survive or die.

Whether you are a PR professional with years of experience in writing “sticky” stories, or a mommy blogger who wants to monetize her blog writing reviews, there is always room for improving your style; there is always something new to learn and there are always some resources that can and will help you along the way.

Today we start a new category at Everything PR: a weekly book introduction that will recommend what we consider the most “indispensable” specialty works for marketing and PR.

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die is a New York Times Bestseller; a highly acclaimed book that will transform the way you communicate ideas.

The book was reviewed by some of the most prominent publications of the moment, and highly recommended by some of the most respected marketers:

“My prediction for Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die is that it will join The Tipping Point and Built to Last as a must-read for business people. The book explains why some ideas stick and some don’t–and I’ve been on both sides of this equation. A warning though: If you read this book, you’ll revamp a lot of your marketing material (as you probably should),”said Guy Kawasaky.

BusinessWeek’s Jessie Scanlon concludes her review: “The clear writing and myriad examples make the book highly readable, and overall, it scores well on the SUCCESs checklist: It’s simple, includes unexpected ideas, offers concrete examples, draws on credible sources, covers a subject readers have an inherent interest in, and tells some good stories along the way.”


Made to Stick is mandatory read at Everything PR News, and we think that it shouldn’t miss from any marketer’s library. This is not a business advice book; it is a book about storytelling, a perfect fit for any web publisher who is serious about making his/her site a success through top-notch content. Probably the most important lessons drawn from the book are how to draw the core of an idea, how to write a good lead, how to prioritize your ideas, how to draw complexity from simplicity and most importantly, how to persuade your audience.


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