How to Make a Shipping Container Your Dream Home

How to Make a Shipping Container Your Dream Home

When you think about your dream home, you may not immediately picture a shipping container. Amazingly, though, many people around the world have turned ordinary shipping containers into remarkable and luxurious houses. Here’s what you need to know about the steps you need to go through to turn a group of ordinary shipping containers into a dream home.

Figuring Out Your Home’s Dimensions

One of the beauties of building a home out of shipping containers is that they greatly simplify the design process. Containers have set and easily calculable sizes that make them easy to add to one another to create a structure of a specific size. When you create your shipping container home design, you can simply treat the containers as individual modules of space that can be combined in whatever way you want. Keep in mind that shipping containers do come in a range of different sizes, which makes it even easier to create the spacing and layout that you want in your home.

Setting Your Containers

Once you have your design, the next step is to prepare the ground your home will occupy and set the necessary number of containers. The ground will need to be leveled off before you can proceed, and in most cases a foundation will need to be poured. During this stage of the construction process, you’ll also need to run utilities to your home.

Building the Basic Structure

Modifying shipping containers is a relatively easy procedure for any experienced welder or metalworker. Walls and floors can be removed or have holes put in them to connect them to other containers, thus forming the basic structure of your home. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that some modifications may compromise the structural strength of your containers. Be sure to leave the modifications to a professional who will know how to compensate for any weaknesses with extra support.

Finishing Your Home

After the shipping containers you’ve selected have been combined into the basic structure of your home, you can begin the finishing work. At this stage of the project, you can get creative and build practically anything you want. Luxury shipping container homes often utilize premium materials like granite and tile in kitchens and bathrooms as accents. Drywall, wood and other standard materials can also be used to cover up the metal sides of the shipping containers and create interior walls. The finishing process is your opportunity to make the home your own and incorporate the elements you most want into it.

Working with shipping containers is a great way to design and construct your dream home. If you need inspiration, a quick Google search will yield many images of luxury shipping container homes that should give you some good ideas to work with. You may be surprised by just what incredible homes can be made out of simple shipping containers.

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