Maria Rosaria Carfagna: World’s Hottest Politician

Maria Rosaria Carfagna

Being labeled number one in Maxim’s “World’s Hottest Politicians” was definitely a career booster for Maria Carfagna, who is Italy’s Minister for Equal Opportunity (appointed in May 2008 by Silvio Berlusconi).

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The Italian media was watching Mara Carfagna since her apparition in the Miss Italy contest in 1997 (which she finished in sixth place). She worked as a showgirl for a while, appearing in numerous TV shows like La domenica del villaggi, I cervelloni, Vota la voce and Domenica In and Piazza grande (which she led together with Giancarlo Magali).

2007 marked her international career more than everything else in the past and the one who caused the media frenzy is actually Berlusconi who stated live, on the Telegatto award show: “If I was not already married I would have married her immediately.”

It was obviously surprising to see Carfagna elected Minister for Equal Opportunity after this scandal, especially considering her past (showgirl, nude model, etc), but Mara La Bella (as she is also known in Italy) didn’t seem to care about the rumors regarding her relationship with Berlusconi.

Mara Rosaria Carfagna Hottest Women Politician

In Italy she is often compared with Monica Lewinsky, who became internationally known only for the sexual favors offered to the US President Bill Clinton. A parallel between the two is obvious, although the alleged relationship between Carfagna and Berlusconi was never publicly confirmed. However, in 2008, the Argentine journal Clarin reported about telephone wiretap records where Carfagna and Berlusconi engaged in a conversation with explicit allusions to oral sex. (source Wikipedia)

It’s interesting to make a parallel between this lady and the dismissal of Ft. Myers Beach’s City Manager Scott Jenke, who was fired for being married with a hot porn star.

Apparently the Italian government doesn’t mind if its ministers have borderline past professional experiences. Is Italy more promiscuous or are they just thinking right? If you think about it, why is it OK for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to still be employed when he also, in the past, posed nude for a publication or two and even appeared nude in several movies? I guess beauty comes with a price, and the viewers are often blinded by a pretty package. Mara Carfagna is a smart young woman, with a successful career. Her facts as Minister for Equal Opportunity speak about her moral values: in September 2008 she introduced a bill making street prostitution a crime. Mara sees street prostitution as a shameful phenomenon:

“It’s a shameful phenomenon. As a woman it makes me shudder, I am horrified by it. I don’t understand how someone can sell their body in the street for money. But I realize that it exists and, like drugs, cannot be wiped out. We intend to make it more difficult and to combat the criminal organizations that make an obscene profit by reducing these women to slavery.”

She is not a close friend of the gay community either, considering that matrimonial rights should be tied to reproduction:

“Homosexuality is no longer a problem, at least not the way the organizers of these demonstrations would have us believe,” Carfagna said. “Gay pride’s only aim is official recognition for homosexual couples, on the same level with marriage. I cannot agree to that.”

It’s obviously interesting to watch this woman’s career and the reaction of the media. So far she managed to piss off Berlusconi’s wife, the gay community and the advocates of street prostitution who consider that Carfagna sold her body too:

Mara Carfagna Photo

“After all, the lady used her own body to get where she is today, by posing for calendars,” said Carla Corso, a founder of the Italian Committee for the Rights of Prostitutes.

Carfagna’s career in politics is relatively short (she started in 2006), and some of her political and personal were not received with too much (positive) enthusiasm. However, her intentions are noble and if she succeeds passing some of the laws she draws, well, the success should probably be attributed to something more than just looks. In the meanwhile, she follows her path and:

“If anyone wants to linger over my physique – well, let them have their fun.”


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