You must work with COTA to create systems of feedback and input which include diverse and inclusive points of research that bring forth the voice of the customer and community (VOC). Needed insights will depend on strategic decisions, priorities and focus areas for COTA. To support ongoing decision making, it is important to be able to adapt the techniques used to supply needed research insights throughout the development process.

1. Establish marketing research goals consistent with COTA’s Comprehensive Strategic Plan.

2. Design, conduct, analyze and translate research (qualitative & quantitative) relative to COTA’s position in the community.

3. Utilize market research findings to enhance COTA’s communications, marketing and advertising activities.

4. Consult regularly with key COTA staff to review goals, objectives and strategies, critically review and evaluate activities, progress and results.

Types of research that we are looking for include:

Usability research: Research to inform refinement of website, kiosk, mobile applications (Pivot, Connector, VIA) and new common payment touchpoints in order to ensure these changes result in an improved customer experience. It may look like concept evaluation, rapid iterative testing, usability testing, or summative user experience evaluation. This could include the ability to discern and understand true needs, inform design, refine concept directions, and identify needed areas of improvement. This ensures that final designs are intuitive, usable, useful and desirable to ensure adoption and use.


COTA is advancing several initiatives to shape the future of the customer experience. We are looking for partners in ongoing, iterative programs of mobility customer and digital touchpoint user research. COTA is interested in developing a list of preferred vendors for these robust services. As an expert in your industry, we expect that your firm will excel in one, many or all of the types of activities for which we are requesting a proposal. We invite you to respond only to the portions of the research in which your firm excels. COTA reserves the right to award multiple contracts for these services

Scope of Work:

Sentiment research: 

Research to inform COTA of community and customer concerns and attitudes about COVID and COTA solutions, mobility impacts of COVID and COTA solutions, attitudes/ behaviors around recovery / return to travel, attitudes about mobility modes as we return to more travel, and perceptions about COTA specifically. Research for current, ongoing opinions, feedback, suggestions for COTA from customers and the community which could include managing and engaging in online customer panel surveys and/or in-person groups for in-depth interviews and focus group-like experiences.

Engagement research: 

Research to inform ongoing employee engagement, in the effort to understand and describe, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the nature of the relationship between COTA and its employees. Research to allow complete, thorough customer experience journey mapping, would could include internal and external interviews, on-board customer interviews, surveys, panel discussions

Brand & Culture transformation research:

Research to form the foundation the literal and cultural transformation of COTA. The intent is the work will provide the necessary strategic framework and deliverables that enable the articulation and activation of a cohesive internal culture and external brand that are aligned with the foundational elements the leadership team has already rolled out. It will provide a necessary lens for the evaluation of cultural fit for future talent acquisition, will guide the overarching experience both internally and externally, and will ensure community focused communication and brand messaging is threaded with honest, meaningful, and emotionally connected points of differentiation and value. This work will be the roadmap through the journey of transformation from current to the desired future aspirational and more innovative state.

Due Date:

JULY 9, 2020 – 2:00 P.M. EST.



Agencies worth considering include Magrino pr And Zeno group.

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