Marketing Agency Needed By South Carolina

Marketing Agency Needed By South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) was established by South Carolina Code Section 1-30-10 in July, 1993. The SCDPS is comprised of many diverse divisions that work together to carry out the SCDPS mission to serve and protect the public in South Carolina through training, education, prevention and enforcement. SCDPS is seeking the services of a full service marketing and advertising agency to work as a collaborative partner in the professional development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive marketing, conference planning and special events program to promote the missions of SCDPS through the work of the various divisions and offices of the agency. SCDPS desires to maximize the use of funding (State and Federal) that may be available for public education and information campaigns of the various functions and missions, and to ensure continuity of the program messages.


Scope of Work:

SCDPS consists of the following major divisions:

  • Bureau of Protective Services (BPS) is responsible for security of the Capitol Complex, Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, the Governor’s Mansion, and other State owned or leased
  • Highway Patrol (SCHP) is responsible for enforcing all traffic and motor vehicle laws and promoting highway
  • State Transport Police (STP) is responsible for enforcing all commercial motor vehicle laws and including Federal Motor Carrier laws.

SCDPS also has an office with various safety and grants responsibilities:

  • Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs (OHSJP) is responsible for the administration of Federal grant monies related to highway safety, criminal justice, and juvenile justice. OHSJP also coordinates statewide highway safety-related campaigns, programs, and

SCDPS is often subject to outside forces and events that dictate the need for immediate action or response, particularly when the delivery of information to the public can enhance safety. SCDPS is seeking the services of a full service firm that can respond to the SCDPS’ service-intensive needs

The contractor shall:

  • Meet with the various SCDPS Division/Department Heads, immediately after contract award, in order to understand the goals and objectives of the Agency and how Divisions/Departments interact to accomplish these goals and
  • Respond to SCDPS when needed. The contractor must have the ability to provide a high level of quality account service no matter what timelines or deadlines are imposed. Contractor shall be required to respond to all phone or email contacts within four (4) hours of issuance for normal requests and respond to all phone or email contacts within two (2) hours of issuance for emergency or special requests. Contractor must provide the Agency with a working, direct cell phone contact number for the designated contact person and alternate contact person. Contractor must inform SCDPS of planned absences of its designated contact person and provide alternate contact person.
  • Maintain adequate financial resources to carry out assigned tasks before reimbursement can be issued by SCDPS. Contractor should be prepared to carry expenditures ranging as high as $1,000,000 before reimbursement by SCDPS due to federal funding
  • Develop and produce required print, broadcast, social media, and electronic marketing materials. Contractor must provide draft material in a time frame adequate enough to allow for any changes required by SCDPS. Contractor must be prepared to meet with SCDPS staff in person to present and discuss any and all prepared/proposed campaign draft material. Contractor shall monitor placed marketing materials to ensure accuracy and completion of all paid and unpaid media scheduled. Contractor must provide buy sheets to validate placement. Contractor must provide written reports upon request and/or as prescribed/required by approved Scopes of Work.
  • Develop a program in which marketing and advertising partners are identified and strategies specified for generating new partnership funds or leveraging SCDPS funds to extend SCDPS’ marketing reach and/or frequency. The contractor must adhere to the guidelines set forth in Regulation 19-445.2165 and the State Ethics Laws concerning the receipt of donated goods. The contractor shall have the primary responsibility for generating, collecting and reporting all partnership funds. SCDPS will have the final approval over how the partnership funds are
  • Develop and produce printed materials. Printed materials shall include, but not be limited to, brochures, billboards, posters, and other educational materials. Printed materials requirements will be based on the funding source or the project objectives.
  • Develop and produce electronic materials for electronic ads. Electronic ads shall include, social media, digital, and internet radio/streaming markets. Electronic ad requirements will be based on the funding source or the project
  • Notify the SCDPS designated contact person(s) of the locations, dates, and times for the production or filming of PSAs and any paid This notification should allow adequate time for SCDPS to schedule and participate if desired. The SCDPS staff must be allowed to collaborate on the production of all campaign materials, including PSAs, etc.
  • Ensure and demonstrate that specified enforcement and public information and education campaigns include a diversity outreach component that focuses on African American and Hispanic populations in South Carolina. Diversity outreach is defined as encompassing social, cultural, ethnic and racial awareness and sensitivities as it relates to these two demographic groups.
  • Maintain a communication plan in conjunction with SCDPS to ensure highway safety messages remain in the public arena year round, to include major holidays and national campaigns, and during normal enforcement
  • Develop and implement an evaluation process, approved by SCDPS, to determine each campaign’s effectiveness in increasing awareness, knowledge, and changing attitudes and behavior regarding project objectives. SCDPS will work with contractor to determine proper methodology. Contractor shall provide print, radio, and video clips if
  • Direct, coordinate and facilitate SCDPS conferences, seminars and related public information and education special events. SCDPS is responsible for various conferences, seminars, and trainings held throughout the State on a regular basis. SCDPS periodically co-sponsors a Highway Safety Conference, which is attended by approximately 300 officers and highway safety advocates and may last for several days. Other types of trainings, meetings, and seminars are generally held at various locations throughout the state (hotels, law enforcement agencies, state offices, etc.) and may last from a few hours to several days. The Contractor must have staff and/or subcontractors experienced in planning, coordinating, and implementing these types of conferences, meetings, and trainings. The Contractor will also be required to provide staff and/or subcontractors to assist at various times at these events (e.g., during conference reception, conference registration, etc.). Other tasks involved include meal planning, audio/visual planning, collection of registration
  • Assist SCDPS in the enhancement of technology-based marketing strategies and programs, including

Due date:

April 30th 2018



SFAA, Div. of Procurement Services, MMO

PO Box 101103

Columbia SC 29211

Phone: 803-896-0670


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