Marketing RFP Issued By AIMS K-12 College Prep

2020-08-22 by EPR Staff

AIMS K-12 College Prep Charter District (“AIMS”) is seeking proposal responses to a request for contracted marketing and communications work. Contractor will develop a program or work plan, present recommendations to administration and board, and then implement the work plan.


AIMS K-12 College Prep Charter District (“AIMS”) consists of 3 schools – AIMS Elementary, AIMS Middle School, and AIMS High School, in Oakland, CA. This public charter district has approximately 1,300 students and is chartered under the Oakland Unified School District. AIMS was chartered in 1996 and has since undergone several transformations from its initial mission and focus. AIMS provides a program that focuses on academic achievement, character development and preparing students to attend college. Please visit the AIMS website for more information

Scope of Work:

A. Reputation Management and Crisis Communication 

Contractor will assist AIMS to broaden access to media that highlights the positive news of AIMS, and corrects misperceptions about AIMS and charter schools as a whole. Contractor will assist AIMS in managing communication during crisis situations. 

B. Community Relations 

Contractor will develop civic engagement strategies that maximize AIMS’ presence in the Oakland/Alameda County/California community. They will develop a public engagement strategy that includes participation in chambers of commerce and business groups in order to maximize the civic and community presence of AIMS board members, its superintendent, site leadership and students.

C. Corporate Relationships 

Contractor will assist AIMS to engage in activities that support a funding/contributions goal and engage with non-profits and corporate entities that support education with donations, grants and other resources.

D. Government Affairs

Contractor will assist in the development of a strategy to build cooperative relationships with government and education regarding AIMS’ success with all students, including AIMS’ success with Black and Brown children.

E. Media Relations 

Contractor will assist AIMS to develop a strategy that maximizes the usage of all media including social media, AIMS website, print and television to publicize AIMS educational accomplishments and student successes. This will include assistance with branded collateral that chronicles the story of AIMS for the media, funders, and other members of the community.

A. Background – Discuss the background of your firm and the experience with each objective described above. Describe similar projects for schools and education-focused clients, in marketing and communications that your company has performed. Please include the qualitative and quantitative outcomes of these projects. Describe the background experience of persons who would primarily be assigned to this project and the actions they performed in the aforementioned examples.

B. Timeline – Assuming that contractor begins work in September 2020, provide an ideal timeline for addressing each of the marketing and communications strategy work objectives within the 2020-2021 school year, which ends June 30, 2021. Describe any other objectives and enhancements or modifications that your firm could provide. Indicate proposed progress reports that would be provided to AIMS administration and board of directors.

C. Work Plan – Include a sample work plan that meets the timeline reference in bullet B, and that highlights priorities, milestones and measurable deliverables.

Due Date:

August 29 


Relevant agencies worth considering includes Zeno Group and Hunter PR.